Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring is fast approaching and that is the time many people decide to give there home a good clean. It is a shame to waste the wonderful weather because you are stuck inside, so why not prepare you home now before the flowers start to bloom?

Clean Out Your Wardrobe And Drawers

It might not be quite the time to put your winter woollies away but you could go through all of your clothes and get rid of anything that you will no longer wear. This could reduce the amount of things you need to store when it is time to bring out your shorts and t-shirts.

Have Lighter Bedding

As the nights start to warm up you will not need to have the warmest bedding you have, as that will make your bed too hot to sleep in. Change your bedding for something lighter that will still keep you comfortably warm without making you overheat.

Get Some Of Those Jobs Done

There are always small repair jobs or renovations  that need doing after the winter, and others that are general maintenance. You should clean out your gutters, jet wash driveways, paths and decking so that the outside of your home stays looking good too.

This is also the time to get any additions you may want to your home, such as insulating your conservatory roof to keep some of the heat of the sun out at the height of summer. Rundle and Dorey are experts in this and will advise you of the best insulation for your conservatory. Then you can enjoy your conservatory without any drafts.

Declutter And Organise

When it’s cold it is too easy to leave things in the house, for instance, that should really be in the garage. Now is the time to declutter your home and to organise everything that is left.  This will make the whole job of cleaning your home much simpler, and mean that when you have done you will really notice the difference.

Clean The Windows And Let Some Fresh Air In

Over the winter months, your windows will have collected handprints and marks from the weather. Give them a good clean and open them for a while to let some fresh air into your home.

Get The Paint Brushes Out

If any of the rooms need a coat of paint to freshen them up, now is the time to do it. Changing the colour can help to revitalise your home, but even if you are going over your walls with the same colour, it will give the room a fresher appearance.

Check Out Your Food Cupboards

Check out your food cupboards for items that have gone out of date or that you know that will still be sitting there in a few months time. They are just taking up valuable space that could be used for other items. You should check your fridge and freezer at the same time and dispose of anything that will not be eaten.

When spring comes around, if you have already done most of these jobs you will be able to enjoy the upturn in the weather rather than being in the house sorting it out.

Nb. Collaborative post.