Flashback Friday

This week my thoughts are very much with memories of being young and where I grew up. I have a couple of trips within the month ‘back home’ or in that direction. When the weather started to warm up (well it tried!) it made me think about how great it would be to live by the sea again. Here I am sat on a rock with my old next door neighbour, whose family had come down for a visit.

I never really appreciated growing up by the seaside. I lived just at the bottom of the road that led to this beach. Our dog at the time certainly knew he was onto a good thing because he regularly escaped from the garden and raced up the road. For a Golden Retriever he was a little wild to say the least. Everywhere changes and it’s not the same generic cialis united states place any more but I often think back to that little village. My Mum used to walk me through fields and down past a little stream to get to my school, the memories are vivid. What makes me sad is that I am not sure it would be safe to do that now.

Now I am all grown up, living inland and a parent, I can see how lucky I was. My husband and I talk an awful lot about where we want to end up and what we can offer our son during his precious childhood (and any subsequent children). Long gone are the days where you can let your kids play freely without much worry but I would like to live somewhere like that again…

I love looking at old photo’s so will be eagerly waiting for all the other entries over at Cafebebe

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