First day back at school

The summer holidays are nearly over once again and it’s that busy time where everything needs to be prepared for the start of the new term.  My son has been asking about when he’s returning to school since the first week of the holidays (he loves it so much) and it’s definitely time for school to start now. The summer holidays are always fun but sadly they don’t last forever. Much as I hate the school run, I think like most people I am more than ready for the return of mundane days for a touch of normality and daily routine.

It takes me back to last year, where we were busily preparing Beastie for his first day at school. It seemed such a big leap for him but one that he was more than ready for and I knew that he would take it in his stride. He loved attending nursery and pre-school so I wasn’t at all worried about how he would cope with school life. I was actually okay about it myself as Beastie is such a confident little boy, who makes friends easily


Part of the crucial preparations for starting school is buying all of the uniform bits and bobs that they require. It’s great how you can more or less buy all of the essentials in one place now. You need to be armed with a list that is quite extensive and I like to be ahead of the game and get it all bought as soon I can. The shoes however, I like to leave until the end, in case of any sudden growth spurts to ensure the shoes fit long enough.


The first day is a special milestone and one that you will want to treasure. Beastie was so excited on his first day and I loved the run up to it and seeing how much both my boys enjoyed that first morning last September, even if it was a little drizzly!