Do You Have the Home Of the Future?

The times change. There is no getting around it. Some of us go with change, while others of us decide that change can be too scary. What does come with change, is improvements. Every year, as time marches on, technology advances and there are healthier ways to live and newer ways to keep safe. Home technology is one of those areas of change that benefit us all because our homes become smarter and we feel more safe. 

Do you have the home of the future or are you considering changing your home to catch up with the times? If so, here are a few ways you can upgrade your home to be safer and smarter. 

In-Home Audio System

Long gone are the days of the wireless. That means radio. For years, people had multiple radios throughout their home in order to hear music and radio programs no matter where in the home they were located. For those who only had one radio in the home, it was constantly dragged from room to room in order to hear every last note. 

In today’s homes, an in-home audio system is being implemented in every new build. In-home audio systems run speakers into just about every room of the house, and you can split the sound system up from room to room or in zones. You can then attach your own music to the system through an app and you can start, stop, and change the music as often as you wish. You can also control where your music plays. 

Heated Floors

Another new addition to many homes is heated floors. It may seem like a luxury to do such a thing because you are probably telling yourself that all you really need to do is put on some socks. But when you look at it further, heated floors are actually a good idea. You can heat the floor in the bathroom so that it is warm when you step out of the shower, but you can also heat the kitchen floor. 

It’s uncomfortable to walk on a cold floor, but in the winter, cold feet can put people off and make them feel unwell. But the best part is that heated floors can help heat the room. Heat rises, and when you turn on the floor you will get heat from the floor throughout the room helping it stay an even temperature from your head to your toes. 

Heated Driveways

While we are on the topic of heat, heated driveways are also a super futuristic item for the home of tomorrow. If you live in a climate where it snows a lot, then the heated driveway will become your best friend. If the snow is falling, turn on the driveway, and you won’t have to worry about digging your car out. 

Along the sides of your driveway, heat lamps can be installed that will send heat across the pavement from one side to another. When that cross heating is happening, snow will automatically melt and prevent it from piling up around your car. You can also install these lamps along walkways improving upon your shoveling situation and bringing it down to minimal. 

Smart Home Services

The latest home improvement of the future is smart home installation. With just one app, your entire home will be at your fingertips awaiting your next command. You can link every aspect of your home to your cell phone, and whether you are home or not, you will be in total control. 

You can connect your app to a security system so that you can see what is going on in your home. You can set the lights from your phone to go on and off to give neighbors the impression that you are indeed home. You can turn on the TV for pets who are home by themselves, and you can set gate controls to let people into and out of your property right from your house. It’s total control and total protection for your family. 

Doorbell Camera

We have all seen the social media videos of deliveries, falls, and running pets from everyone’s doorbell cameras. If you don’t have one yet, you may be a bit behind the times. Doorbell cameras give you a sense of security when they are in use because you can see who is approaching your home while you are inside and you can protect yourself if necessary.

You can keep track of deliveries, the mail, and who is approaching your home when you are not there. You can save the videos if you need to and you can send them to other people. For parents, your children can play in the front yard, and you can keep a watchful eye on them at all times. 

Solar Panels

Renewable, clean energy is the future. Saving the environment and keeping the Earth healthy and safe is becoming a top priority for most of mankind. Solar panels are a way to do your part. A lot of new builds are coming with solar panels installed because the benefits of having solar panels are liked by many.

Solar energy has reduced energy bills down to almost nothing. It’s true. Some people have reported using solar panels and their electricity bill is negative giving them a credit for the following month. The sun always shines, and energy is always being captured by the panels. Save yourself some money while you are saving the planet. 

Car Chargers

Car chargers seem to be popping up everywhere. As the world moves towards electric cars, people are finding they need a place to charge their vehicles. A lot of homes are now being built with and older homes are having installed charging stations in the home. 

With solar panels on your house, using electricity and power to charge your car won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Once again, being kind to the planet will save you money. No more paying for gas or car maintenance every year.

Nb. Collaborative post.