Date Night

So last night we went out on a ‘Date Night’ which consisted of a meal followed by a film. It has been so long since the last date that we couldn’t even agree on what film we watched at the time. We simply couldn’t remember. Did we watch said film at the cinema or at home? My husbands guess was as good as mine, both clueless. Nonetheless these rare outings tend to do us good, and of course it’s always nice to enjoy my food and not inhale it. I just need to remind myself to slow down, there is no hurry after all. I mean the waitress was in no hurry…

Anyhow we managed to get out the flat in good time (rare) and arrive in the nick of time for our reservation, only to find the car park was full. Running the risk of losing our table we were left with no option but to park in a disabled bay. We never park in disabled spaces, ever, but needs must and there were some shoddy displays of parking. If the restaurant had a problem they could take it up with those offenders. My husband was worried about all the diners who saw us park there, you could almost hear the ‘tut tut’. Anyhow we did, we ate, we drank and we left. I could go on about parent and child parking bays and how perturbed I get, but I won’t (for now). It is not the best reason but that was my rationale behind parking there, just once we were going to do what so many other people do and not care less.

The film of choice was Insidious. I had seen the trailers beforehand showing it came from the makers of Saw and Paranormal Activity which immediately got my heckles up. I have been putting off scary films for some time now as mentioned here but the appeal is still there and so forth I challenged myself.
Insidious is a supernatural horror involving a couple and their three children who shortly after moving into their new home discover that it is haunted, only to find that it is not the house that is haunted but their son. It had a few clever concepts and new twists with some jumpy moments thrown in. With my eyes peeled I managed to pre empt those moments, more so than my husband and almost an entire row that jumped! In fact at the beginning I giggled a little bit when the title of the film filled the screen and flashed accompanied by some hideous music, I thought that was quite comical, always a good sign I am not going to be terrified. I may have just been a little tense, no biggy.

I have a few tips that may be useful. For anyone that is actively using a baby monitor then this film might not be right for you *shiver*. It also highlights the need for ‘big’ lights in your house, table lamps all over the place as a replacement will prove to be a mistake. Finally don’t go alone up into your vast attic with no light in easy reach, why oh why.

Although my eyes were fixed on the screen and perhaps a little wider than normal, I wasn’t scared silly like I thought I would be and most importantly I wasn’t scared of my own shadow last night, I slept like a baby. All in all it was a great night out and of course it wasn’t complete without my husband managing to trip on the odd imaginary obstacle, always good for a laugh. He looks around at me and everyone else as if to say ‘what the hell was that?’ *try lifting your feet*. He never fails.