Something for the husband

I have been blogging for over two years now and in all that time, my husband hasn’t reviewed anything for himself. He understands, it’s not his blog but at the same time he’s part of the blog. We’ve enjoyed some breaks away as a family, so he hasn’t exactly gone without but none the less it was a surprise when something was offered to ‘him’.

My husband is a self confessed shoe addict and has a rather ridiculous amount of trainers clogging up residing in his wardrobe. Some look like they have barely been worn and some I am certain of have never been worn. He’s proud of them and I daren’t throw any of them out (although I have considered it). He’d know regardless of the fact they might have been shoved at the back for several years.

Back in the day when he used to be into skateboarding, skate shoes were all he used to buy and still he could never have enough of them. He’s even confessed to deliberately damaging some shoes so that he could persuade his Mum to buy him the latest pair. She undoubtably did this for him.

After much deliberation, he opted for some DC Shoes similar to what he used to own all those years ago. They were are comfortable as he remembered and come complete with a thickly padded tongue, crucial for protecting your feet whilst skating, or not being the case.

DC shoes

Dc shoes

He might not be hanging around skate parks with his mates anymore but he has to set the right example to his boys, right?

Nb. He received these trainers for the purpose of the review. All views and opinions are entirely our own. I am responsible however for making his feet look freakishly small in these photos. They really are quite average sized!