Cosiness – The X-Factor Missing In Too Many Homes

The home needs more than style, it needs more than good organisation, and it needs more than visuals. Instead of focusing on how it looks or just how practical it is, think about how it makes you feel, as well. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways you might be missing the cosiness the home needs and what you can do to supplement it and bring out that missing charm.

 Add a touch of sentimentality to it

Aside from looking good, the things that you surround yourself with should mean something to you. A hint of personalisation is going to go a long way. You can do this, for instance, by staging a vignette of your own design or by having photos of family, friends and fond memories around. However, you can also do it by creating or upcycling some furniture of your own. Putting your personal stamp on your home is going to make it feel much closer to your heart than simply selecting whatever furniture and decor ‘works’.

Get tactile with it

You do a lot more than looking at your home. You exist within it, you feel it and you physically touch it. As such, thinking carefully about the textures that you put in place is going to be an important part of establishing that cosy factor. If your home is feeling a little bare or hard, then accent it with pieces like cushions, wool rugs and throws that can add some much needed softness too. For the sake of comfort, make sure you’re well aware of any maintenance your seating might need as well.

Give it some warmth

There’s nothing that’s going to undermine the sense of how comfortable a home is like a draught coming in through the window. Make sure you seal any windows that need it or find more efficient replacements when possible. When it comes to creating a sense of warmth in a room, the feel and look of it can be just as important as the temperature itself. For that reason, fittings like inset electric fires can be very effective at creating that cosy vibe. If you have space for a fire of any kind, it’s definitely worth considering.

Engaging the senses

As already mentioned, you’re working with more than just your sense of sight when you’re at home. Besides touch, you can also engage that sense of smell to really set the scene and creating a much more relaxing atmosphere. Few things work better than scented candles to help naturally create the kind of scene you want for the home. Whether you want the relaxing tint of lavender over a room or something  more homey and tasty like a cinnamon scent, there are options of all kinds out there.

Cosiness is a crucial factor for any home and neglecting it is an easy way to end up with a space that feels cold, empty and even a little hostile. The above tips are just the start, now you can begin thinking about how else you can add a bit more of the cosy appeal to your home.

Nb. Collaborative post.