The Blagger Debate – why bloggers are seen as grabbers

So why am I blogging? Am I just seen as a blagger?

Every now and then there will be a debate on someone’s blog or on social media that really gets people’s attention. The particular debate I am talking about is the whole ‘blagger’ debate. I actually think that these discussions are good and really make people sit up and think.

Whether they are defensive because they fear they may fall into that category or whether they simply feel all that has been discussed is against their principles and doesn’t apply to them anyway. We all have our own viewpoint on it, that must is true.

I have found it fascinating and have been talking a lot about it with my blogging friends. I am still relatively new to the blogging world having only started my blog at the beginning of the year and I feel I have learnt a fair bit along the way, as well as having a lot still to learn.

Personally my blog started off as a place to write about life with my toddler, the same as many mum’s, and I really wasn’t sure at all of what I was doing. It did all look rather intriguing whilst I waited ever so patiently for my Brit Mums membership to be confirmed and the rest is history.

It all started off as a bit of fun fiddling around creating a blog platform I liked the look of and getting excited when I received my first few comments. It was strange knowing that randoms were reading my posts but at the same time addictive and satisfying.

I have followed the lead of many bloggers and I think it’s fair to say we all do when we start out. You wouldn’t otherwise have any clue about what to do next and where to gain readers and subscribe as a reader to other blogs.

My blog is evolving along with me and whatever is going on in my life at present. This is the bit where I get to the part about blagging and Response Source (RS). As I commented on the post on Mummy Tips I have tried RS as I had heard about it through a fellow blogger.

My blog at this moment in time is heavily bogged down with posts primarily about pregnancy (sorry!) seeing as it’s it a major life event for me at the moment. My focus therefore for topics is about all things pregnancy amongst other aspects. I want to keep my posts relevant and in line with my life so I decided to ask about companies specialising in maternity wear/accessories.

If I had managed to find more items on the high street then maybe I wouldn’t have put out a request but it was a genuine request to see who was out there trying to promote products. Of course money is tight and unless it’s entirely irrelevant to you, I see no harm or no quibble with accepting products to review in return for a post featuring the product to share with other fellow bloggers, whoever may stumble across it whilst using a search engine and anyone else that might see it on twitter/facebook.

I am of course interested in writing posts about what interests me and if I can share some valuable information to others then to me I have ticked one of the boxes on what my blog is about, right?

To start with I posted some reviews about products I had previously bought myself and loved. The essence of writing a review is to share your views with your audience. The same applies to items sent for review, I have been approached and similarly wanted to share information as well as my son being able to benefit from the review product.

If that’s not what appeals to you, then each to their own.

We are all blogging for various reasons, some have advertising on their blogs, go to events and register with blogger outreach companies. It’s all the same to me really.

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch and it’s true. It’s a two way agreement between a PR and a blogger. For all these people that are blagging, I have to hand it to them if they are ‘bagging’ items to review when they don’t have much of an online presence or followers. Then they must either have very gullible and trusting/blase PR or they actually do have something to offer.

If the PR wants to send out items to review then it’s their choice. The blogger must then fulfil their end of the bargain, simple?

I’m aware that this has been talked about to death but I had a itch I needed to scratch in writing this post, as if I need to justify my reasons for blogging and how I feel reviews are very much part and parcel of my blog. They keep my blog current not only for those days I sit looking blankly at the screen because I have zero inspiration but also because I want to keep some variety.

Essentially I blog for me and when all is said and done, I think that this is all that matters. People can assume what they like but we all have our reasons for reviewing or sharing products, don’t we?

Do you feel that you have been tarred with the blagger tag?