Can I Get the Stained Glass Look in My Home?

Incorporating stained glass windows into your home is a beautiful and timeless way to add an elegant and distinctive look to any room you choose. Rather like permanent art, stained glass is a feature which will add appeal and value to your property. It can be incorporated into any room you choose and even into internal fittings such as part-walls and permanent dividers.

Where to place the stained glass?

If you have decided that you want to invest in a piece of stained glass for your home, you may already have a strong idea of where to put it. Perhaps there’s a well-positioned hallway and the sunlight might stream through a carefully placed window at certain times of the day? Or maybe you’d like it in your front door?

Consider which direction your home faces and at what times of day the sun hits those areas. Morning or evening light streaming through a window can be very lovely to see, so take note of the light in your home as you’re choosing where to place your new stained glass. Many people like to place their windows at the front of their property so that it can be seen from the street. This adds instant kerb appeal to a building and people can enjoy it from two aspects.

Choosing the colours

Your design will impact the colours you choose – for example, many floral designs tend to be in rich shades of red, blue and green. Other, more unusual designs such as sunrises or even underwater scenes will be predominantly yellow and orange or green and aqua. Think about your chosen design carefully. Some people like to choose a scene which has meaning to their family. Perhaps related to their surname or to their hobbies. Birds are another popular subject for stained glass, and these can look especially stunning due to the bright colours.

Caring for stained glass

Stained glass needs careful and gentle cleaning. Use a soft, lint-free cloth and a mild soap and water. Rinse and polish carefully to maintain the brilliance and shine. Regularly trim trees and bushes which are near to your window so that there’s no risk of branches hitting and damaging the glass.

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