Brilliant Kid-Friendly Ideas For A Safe & Fun Garden

Outside, that is where little ones should be spending most of their time during the summer. Of course, for this to happen, you need to do two things. The first is to make sure your garden is as kid-safe as possible. While the second is to ensure it’s super fun. Both of which you can get some ideas on in my points below. 

Safety measures 

Before you get to the fun bit, you do need to make sure that your garden area is as safe as possible. In particular, your garden must be secure. Something that means no one can get in and the little ones can’t get out into the street either. Luckily, getting some reasonably priced fence panels and putting them up should solve this issue. You can even paint them in fun colours if you like or even let the kids work their artistic magic! 

Also, don’t forget that there are other potential safety hazards within your garden that you need to deal with before it’s safe for the kids. One is that any pools or ponds need to be protected with a rigid cover as they can stop children falling in. Additionally, kids often do have a habit of sampling the plants that grow in your garden and that means anything poisonous needs to be removed for their safety as well. 

Climbing frame

Once you have a successfully kid-proofed the garden, it’s time to make it a fun space they will want to spend time in. Probably the best way to do this, especially for boys, is to build a climbing frame with swings, and slides. Something that not only encourages them to move around lots but also inspires imaginative play as well. 

Of course, safety needs to be a concern here as well. That is why choosing a cushioned coating for the ground such as foam, rubber, or even wood chips can be a smart idea. After all, this can help to significantly break any falls and keep the kids safe while they play.

Kids veggie garden

Another feature that children love in a garden is a small plot where they can grow fruits and veggies. In fact, this is a great way to get them interested in where healthy food comes from, as well as educating them on the value of taking care of something. 

Of course, the edible results won’t go amiss either. You can even use what they grow in some baking activities as well. If there is anything left after they have sampled their homegrown delights that is!  


Kids seem to be able to dig for hours in sandpits and while away their time outside quite happily playing in the sand. That is why the final recommendation for a kid-friendly garden, is to build one. 

Do remember though, that any sandpit you put in will also need a cover to keep it dry and safe from any animals as well. Something that will, in turn, keep your kids as safe as possible while they have fun as well.

Nb. Collaborative post.