Crushed Velour Velvet Fabrics, specially designed for our furniture and curtains, is to die for. The posh and luxurious features of crushed fabrics are one of the reasons why interior designers and homeowners tend to choose them for homes. The softness, silkiness, and the comfort it gives to us would seem like enjoying a day above the clouds.

We know you love velvet; that’s what brought you here. So here are the bright colours you can associate with your crushed velour velvet fabrics for your living room essentials:


To many homeowners, cream is a sight for fresh air. Having a crushed velour velvet fabric in cream colour can enhance your house breathability and would also make your house appear more clean and comfortable. Cream allures light and makes your room even more bright during sunny days. It gives a sense of minimalist and clean character to your rooms.


Velvet crushed velour velvet fabric in pink can make your room look more chic and bubbly. Pink upholsteries and curtains can calm you and also reassures positive emotional energies. It’s also associated with being in love and having a sense of comfort in your homes.

Feeling good emotions quite lately? Try pink!


Ever miss the colours of the ocean along the pacific breeze? Let the colours bring you to a feeling of the ocean at home with crushed velour velvet fabric in blue. Having this colours for a crushed velvet fabric would actually stimulate your feeling of the salty water and the depths of the ocean. Dive deep into the depths of the clear blue sea at your home.

Feel the ocean more with blue!


No one ever thought silver would go with the furniture and curtains at home. Yet, it is now one of the colours that homeowners look forward to purchasing. Silver fabrics can make your room look modern yet futuristic, and out of this world. The silver fabric enhances more the silkiness of the crushed velvet velour fabric while still maintaining the elegance and texture it has. Silver radiates brightness and also makes your room brighter at day and can make your room appear gloomy at night. Somehow it can change its colour to grey in low light.

A fabric that can enhance the ambience at different parts of the day? Why not?


Crushed velvet velour fabrics in purple is great to enhance creativity. Purple is commonly associated with being mysterious, and can also impart a sense of curiosity to people. This is why you can also see that purple is often used by magicians; it brings out the surprises in the simpliest of things. Having upholstery or a curtain fabric in purple might be less fancied by everyone. So better choose the best shade of purple for your home. Lighter shades are actually better.

Care to bring out the magic in your homes?


Having crushed velvet fabrics in red boosts the feelings in your house. Red can enhance more your feelings of love, and anger. If you want a strong colour to bring a firm ambience in your house, red is the perfect colour for that. However, red does not give out a calming feeling in your house, so it’s still up to homeowners if they’ll choose this colour above all. Red is contradictory to most colours.

Red also was once considered as the most used colour by royalties during the colonial days and it also depicts luxury and power in castles from decades ago.


Green makes your room a space of full life. It connects nature inside your house, thus also enhances breathability and calmness to homeowners. If ever you love nature and just wants to feel it even in urban areas, crushed velvet velour fabrics in green should be your colour. Green depicts tranquility; letting you bring into mind the forests, tall grass, and nature at the convenience of your rooms.


Crushed velvet fabrics in brown create a sense of independece and security to homeowners. Brown can be seen as a solid colour just like the earth, and can also be associated with resilience. However, somehow it can also be a colour of loneliness and isolation. Yet, it’s still good for your upholstery and curtain fabrics; stains are not easily seen, and also regulates the brightness from the outside when used for your curtains.


Gold is a bright, luxurious, and can also be seen as a strong colour. Having your crushed velvet velour upholstery and curtains in gold can enhance your rooms volatility when it comes to atmosphere. It overpowers the dreadful state in your living rooms and attracts different moods. If you want to feel even more luxurious at home, you can purchase this colour to depict prosperity, glitz, and glamour to your room.

Decorating your rooms to achieve their best can sometimes be overwhelming. Being creative by using and matching different colours can enhance the appearance of your home as well. Mixing and matching can be your best option in choosing your desired fabric.

Investing in your upholstery and curtain fabrics must also be a priority. You must make sure your fabrics are durable so that they will last over the years.  Shops can sometimes offer you cheap fabrics that are just below average, so you should also find the most reliable and the best fabric shop to purchase for your fabrics.

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