Battle of the wills

At the moment I am not sure which of my boys wins the prize for being the most stubborn. Both my husband and I are renowned for being rather stubborn ourselves so it was always pretty much a given that our children would be the same.

Take this evening for instance, their bed time routines (if you could ever call it that) have well and truly gone out the window. Baby Beastie is still awake now after I have tried every trick in the book to settle him. His brother also tried dodging bed for rather a long time before eventually succumbing to his tiredness. One down, one to go.

What I have learnt since having two, is the joys of them setting each other off. When one starts crying then the other usually follows suit until there is a lovely harmonious drone. That’s when I usually want to join in and admit defeat.

At the moment they both want my attention and I am attempting the juggling act of keeping them both happy without one or the other feeling left out. I find as soon as I have put down the baby, Beastie is jumping straight in his place. I’m like a mummy merry go round. When one vacates their spot the other swiftly takes it. Of course this is part of being a Mummy but some days and especially the late nighters like tonight can really take the biscuit.

Now Beastie is nearly 6 months old, his character is coming out more and more and with that his stubborn streak. Although he is mainly a contented baby, when he is not happy he will let me know and usually the whole of the supermarket or the bank or our neighbours. His angry cry is ear piercing and would certainly have been the type of cry that would have once irritated the hell out of me if I were to hear someone else’s child doing it. The car¬†would mostly settle Beastie as a baby and it still does now, so journeys were never much of an issue for us. Baby Beastie however, has other ideas and will continuouly scream and sob until he is removed from his car seat, which can prove to be tricky when on the motorway without a pit stop in sight for miles and miles. I have to hand it to him, he’s extremely resistant and and at least consistent.

So although it seems like at times we have a 3 going on 13 year old showing the distinct characteristics of a stroppy teenager, we also have a baby that will certainly give him a run for his money…