Elves and sheep…

Anyone that follows me on Instagram will know that we have a little Elf staying at ours for the festive season. He is called Jack and will be visiting for every forseeble Christmas until the boys no longer ‘believe’. May there be many happy memories made of his annual stay and lots of tales to tell.

In fact elves are a pretty big deal with Beastie now and the magic really has begun this year. He has his pre-school Christmas party this week to end the term and he is going dressed up as an elf. Christmas fancy dress from Fancy Dress Ball have some great ideas for dressing up over the festive period and are perfect for nativity plays or parties that they might be attending. Beastie starred in his first nativity play last week and I couldn’t have been more prouds particularly into dressing up in costumes lately and after his nativity where is played a sheep, he is always asking to put outfits on.

Dressing up children at Christmas is adorable and hard to resist. This year I am looking forward to dressing up the children, especially as it’s our first Christmas with the baby and as a foursome. Baby Beastie has a baby santa outfit to wear on Christmas Day and Beastie should be thrilled to open up one of his presents to see he will be able to dress as Spider-Man for the day. He will be super hyper but I can’t wait to see his face when he opens up his special present for his day as a superhero.