4 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

Although parents may find it tough to encourage their kids to switch off their electronics, don their boots and get outside, once they’re actually out there, they usually love it. There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors and lots of opportunities to learn in ways that your child can enjoy, especially if approached in the right way. I have teamed up with a private school near London to share some suggestions of outdoor learning activities you could try with your child.

  • Take a Walk

Whether you’re walking through the park or just the streets in your town, there’s some much to learn. Collect leaves and berries and observe wildlife in the forest or pay attention to the architecture in a more urban environment. Talk about what different buildings are used for and point out their commemorative plaques if they have one.

  • Build a Bug Hotel

Used wooden pallets or other recycled/reclaimed materials to build your bug hotel. Fill it with dead wood, hollow stems, dry leaves, loose bark, and other natural items where the bugs can nest and hibernate. The experience will not only be fun, but it will give your child a newfound respect for nature and is something you can come back to time and time again.

  • Go Camping

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try travelling a little further afield, perhaps you could plan a camping trip. This is a great opportunity to teach your child some survival skills, like how to make a meal out of limited supplies and equipment, how to set up a tent or a campfire, and maybe even how to read a map. It will also be enjoyable for the whole family and a chance for you to spend some quality time together.

  • Prepare a Scavenger Hunt

Write a list of outdoor items that you’d like your child to find, like a conker, a maple leaf, a twig etc. Invite a couple of their friends to join in and turn the scavenger hunt into a healthy competition, in which the winner receives a prize.

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