When your husband turns all blogger on you

I’ve been blogging on and off for over five years now and in all that time, my husband has always been a part of the process behind the scenes. First of all he helped me fathom the good old days of blogspot and it was then down to him that I then became self hosted. I’m sure I’d still be stuck on blogger if it wasn’t for him as I’m pretty sure I’d have only got as far as buying the domain.

So he’s always been there, helping out on the sidelines and at one point editing all of the photos I posted. You could say that he’s been my long suffering blog lacky, often dropping things to rectify something that I wasn’t happy with, not least my desires to change my theme and always searching for ‘that theme’ and almost always never being truly satisfied with what we found.


If it wasn’t for him, I think my blog would probably sink into oblivion if any problems were to arise that couldn’t be sorted out by myself. He’s very much the organ grinder and the back bone of it.

Although he’s always been a part of the blog, he’s never really been too interested in what I write about and is well known for not liking to read. I’ve known him to read only two books and those were on holiday almost ten years ago and I’m not even sure Gordon Ramsay biographies actually count!

A little while ago he announced he’d written a post and asked if he could use it as a guest post on my blog. I was initially shocked that he’d actually written something and then even more shocked that he’d written it pretty well *cough*.  I thought that he’d expressed himself really well and despite his misgivings about not being able to explain things well, I felt that he really managed to get his point across.

However, I sat on that blog post for a little while, wondering whether I should publish it. I’d keep going to take a look at it in my draft folder and I knew that I really should post it but there were a few parts that I felt were a little cringey, so it always stopped me. Being the queen of procrastination, I kept putting it off and to be honest I’m also not really one for talking about sex quite so frankly and I suppose in that sense, I’m a little ‘prudish’. It took me right out of my comfort zone and although he was very sincere in his wording of things, I still felt slightly uncomfortable and felt that it wasn’t something that I wanted to share.

After pondering it for a while, I then realised that I needed to be a little more brave and with just one paragraph omitted, I eventually clicked the publish button. With this sort of thing, you just don’t know what kind of reception you’re going to get and I didn’t know how far reaching it might get either, but nevertheless I posted it as it was important to him.


In the end it was really well received and he got some genuine supportive comments from both sexes. I know that he was so chuffed that something he had written had resonated with so many and from this moment onwards, a switch was flicked and he suddenly felt inspired to write (uh oh).

Then came the point where he asked to write another post and this is where I wasn’t so sure. I was pleased that he wanted to write but again, it just didn’t feel right for me and my blog. So when he didn’t think that I was going to publish his latest offering, he realised that perhaps he should have his own space to voice whatever he likes and so whatalexdid was born.


Although we are very similar in many ways, we do differ in how we approach situations. Alex has always been outspoken and will say it how it is, whereas I am not so direct and will always think of the repercussions. We do disagree on the ways to handle things sometimes but in all honesty, I do admire how forthright he is and how much he really doesn’t give a stuff. I wish sometimes that I could be a bit more like that.

So far he has run all of his posts past me and I might screw up my nose a little bit but that’s mainly because he’s discussing us to get his points across. My main bug bear is spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, so I try and proof read where I can. Other than that, I’m just going to let him go with the flow. After all, it’s his blog, not mine!

So the man that absolutely was never going to wear a baby carrier and certainly not when it’s in baby pink…now has a blog too!


If nothing else, you’ve got to admire how refreshingly honest he is. I know I’m biased but I actually think that his posts are relatable to both men and women. He says what perhaps not everyone is willing to say but is probably thinking.

I’m so proud of him and I’m excited to see where his blog takes him…