3 Practical Tips To Give Your Bathroom A Luxury Upgrade

The bathroom is often overlooked when homeowners want to create a luxurious and transformed space. Those that do only add a few features. Indeed, the average cost of installing a new bathroom is 6,500 GBP, but a luxury one could cost much more.   However, with thoughtful design choices and luxury items, your bathroom can become the most indulging part of your home. These three actionable tips will provide insight into what you can do to upgrade your bathroom.

Enhance the ambiance with lighting

Strategic lighting can make all the difference in your luxury bathroom. It is one of the most effective ways to instantly elevate the place without really doing much. But lighting here is more than simply installing light bulbs or pendant lighting. Consider incorporating multiple layers to bring warmth and ambiance. The first thing to do is to install a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness whenever you feel like it. For example, soft, warm lighting can evoke a spa-like feel if you want to soak in the bath. 

On the other hand, brighter task lighting around the vanity area will ensure functionality. Adding decorative fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lights can give your lighting another appealing layer. These stylish additions provide ample lighting and also act as stunning focal points. They can instantly add a touch of elegance to your bathroom. If your bathroom has wide windows, you can also use natural light. Don’t worry if you don’t have wide windows because, with sheer curtains, or frosted windows, you will have diffused sunlight that adds luxury to your bathroom.

Embrace trendy radiators for style and comfort

Gone are the days when radiators were mere functional elements hidden in the corner of the bathroom. Thanks to technological advancements, modern radiators are now created in various stylish designs. These trendy radiators can serve as statement pieces in your luxurious bathroom decor while providing efficient heating. Stylish and functional elements boost the aesthetic appeal of a luxurious bathroom. You can also settle for contemporary vertical radiators. They take up minimal wall space but still provide adequate heat output. You have a wide range because these radiators are available in various finishes. Chrome and brushed stainless steel are trendy options for your bathroom fixtures. These stylish radiator accessories are designed to look stylish and ornamental. Meanwhile, you can choose vintage-inspired designs for a more traditional look without sacrificing luxury.

Upgrade bathroom fixtures and materials

Attention to detail can make all the difference in your bathroom’s luxury upgrade. That is where your fixtures and materials come into the picture. Please take a quick look around your bathroom and take mental notes of fixtures that can be replaced to give it a quick upgrade. Outdated faucets, showerheads, and towel bars can be swapped with high-quality, stylish alternatives. Because the focus is on luxury upgrades, you can settle for finishes like brushed gold or matte black. Both can add a touch of elegance and modernity to your enhanced bathroom. Many luxurious bathrooms make good use of high-quality stone or marble countertops, giving the place a timeless and sophisticated look to the place. If you’ve saved enough, you can replace old worn-out tiles with luxurious options like porcelain or glass mosaic. It will be an excellent way to add texture and visual interest to the bathroom. Go a step further by investing in plush, soft towels and luxurious bath mats to elevate the overall appeal.

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