3 interior design must-haves which prove old is gold

When designing and furnishing a home, you may feel the need to hire an interior designer. This is an excellent idea for those that want something exciting and new, and also do not want to compromise on the way the interior of their house looks. However, if you are someone who knows what they want and also has a budget they need to stay under, then just knowing a few basics might be enough for you.

For such people, no matter what theme you are going for in terms of the interior of the home, there are a few interior designs must-haves that can prove that old is often better.

These pieces can bring a bit of antiqueness to the interior while ensuring that this does not clash with any modernity. Here are three interior design must have pieces that prove that old truly is gold:

1. Victorian Doors

Victorian doors are a great way to make the interior of the home pay homage to some of the best architectural times in human history. Victorian doors have a unique antique look with their four-panel design which can make the interior of your home look antique and old, while at the same time retaining any modernity. Victorian door designs do not clash with any other interior design choices which is why is it is such a right choice for the interior of your home.

2. 1930’s doors

Another older style door that looks great on the interior of your home and does not clash with any design theme etc. is the 1930’s door style. This door style is sleek, fun, simple, and also very durable. For anyone that is confused about what sort of interior pieces will work well with other interior furnishing choices, this door style is the answer.
Due to its sheer simplicity, it is incredibly versatile and can gel in well with all sorts of other interior design pieces and any themes that you might be following. It is also highly customisable, so this makes it perfect for those that want to unleash some artistic talents.

3. Accessories

The last, but often the most overlooked interior design piece is the door accessories department. Door accessories are essential to the way a door looks and the way it appears to gel in with the entire interior of the house.
Some good door accessory choices are door frames and door handles. Frames are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also structurally sound investments as well. Frames can make a door last longer and resist breakdown too.
Door handles come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, so there are different options for each person based on their choices. Brass handles work really well with older style doors and can make the door appear more authentic too.

Some interior design must-haves can make the entire house look better, and the three mentioned above are good examples of exactly that.

Nb. Collaborative post.