BabyBjörn Product Launch

Earlier in the month I had the opportunity to attend one of BabyBjörn’s product launches in London. Having recently reviewed their Baby One Carrier, I was keen to have a a gander over what other products they had in the pipeline. I must admit, until fairly recently, I thought that they only really offered carriers. I hadn’t thought too much about it or even noticed other baby gadgets they had on the market.

Their leading products, of course, are their baby carriers and they are always striving to improve on what they have already produced. Their latest innovation has been producing carriers that are made of soft and airy mesh fabric.

The Airology range is made of breathable fabrics that can help babies to keep cooler when they are carried about. This is particularly beneficial for using one in hotter climates and for babies when they are still very young and unable to regulate their body temperature. They have already launched the Baby Carrier One Air and the Original – which is a lighter fabric version of the one I tried out. In the next few months they will be releasing the Baby Carrier We to add to the new range.

Lots of brands are now branching out with new innovative items and BabyBjörn are no exception. They really do have some great everyday practical items for your baby. What I like is that their concepts are minimalistic but at the same time clever for their users.

They have their award winning high chair (who knew? except me I guess!) that is back with two new colours, pink and turquoise – aka mint! The key features of this high chair (besides the fact it’s pretty to look at) is that you don’t need to lift your child high to get into the seat, as they can be placed in from the side. It has a foldout table with a safety lock, to ensure that your child stays safely in place and the design of the chair means that your child is secure without the need for a harness, which is always a bonus, especially in terms of hygiene. This chair is a space saver and also doesn’t have a big tray, which can take up lots of room.  The assembly of the chair is super easy and it folds down small for easy transportation, meaning you don’t need to worry about friends and family not having facilities at their houses as you can pop this in the car packed flat.


I love the simple design of this high chair and it definitely ticks all the boxes for me. It’s modern and functional and has no bright garish colours that a lot of high chair manufacturers tend to produce.

When we were given a demonstration on the set up of their travel cot, I was definitely impressed. We have a travel cot that can only be described as archaic in comparison to this little beauty. I have never got on with putting it up or taking it down, it’s an absolute pain in the arse. I only learnt to use it when my husband wasn’t with me once, through trial and error and damned persistence. It’s safe to say that I hate it. It’s bulky, heavy and barely functional. Luckily we haven’t had to get it out in a long while.

Travel Crib Light - Turquoise (1)

This is where you realise that life can be so much easier, when you have one of these. This is the way that they should be made! Not only does this not include infuriating ‘click into place’ fittings, it folds down super small and fits into a handy carrying bag. It folds up sandwiched between the mattress – which incidentally is fairly decent for a travel cot. As well as all the other features already having me sold, the mesh and fabric can be removed and bunged in the wash.

Here is my little girl having a go in one of the new fabric bouncers. These are great as they are quite slimline and really have ‘no frills’. It’s a basic bouncer without the gimmicky attachments. The inspiration comes from the first bouncers produced in the 1960’s which more than served their purpose. It’s nice and light for moving around and it’s also easy for babies to bounce as they kick their feet about. Once again the fabric is washable, making it extremely durable.

This pretty much sums up the exciting products that were showcased. You can find out much more about what BabyBjörn offers on their site, including feeding equipment and toilet training to name but a few.