What Hannah Did Next

Finding that sequin dress that was made for you

Have you ever had your eye on something that you've always wanted to get, but never seem to find the right one for you? This is exactly how I felt about owning a sequin dress. It must be the time for getting those essential items that I've always longed for, like the addition of my

Trying Botox for the first time

A couple of months ago I attended the Norwich Face & Body Clinic for a consultation and treatment for 3D Lipo. It's a newly opened clinic in Norwich and they offer a variety of different aesthetic and holistic treatments in a wonderful setting. I was kindly invited back to try out anti-wrinkle injections (or what

Lumity Natural Anti-Ageing Facial Oil | Review

I must admit that sometimes my beauty regimes can lapse a little. I'm a good girl in the fact that I always take off my makeup at the end of the day, cleanse and cream, but it's often hurried. Although I do take some time in selecting day and night creams, I often go for

Mindful Chef leading to a Mindful diet | Review

I've tried a few companies that provide a recipe box delivery service and I've had differing experiences with all of them. What I do love about them though, is the way that ingredients are provided in the exact amounts that you need them to complete a recipe. So there is no waste and when it

Our Christmas tree delivery with the Christmas Forest

Last week we were excited to accept the delivery of our Christmas tree.  We've never put the tree up at the very end of November before, but in actual fact it worked out as perfect timing for the weekend, with Saturday being the 1st December. In the past, I've always enjoyed going to choose our

This seasons picks with Boden

Its not very often these days that I get to treat myself to some nicer clothes.  So when Boden asked if I wanted to work with them over the next few months, I couldn't have been happier. It didn't take me long to set about choosing, but the task was harder than I expected...but of

Get kids excited to read | Bookabees Review

We were recently sent a pack of books from Bookabees, who offer a book subscription service that is personalised to your child. I don't think you can ever have too many books and especially so when it comes to having books available for children. Having three children, we do have rather an extensive collection of

The Christmas countdown with the Magical Elf Door

The countdown to the beginning of December is always an exciting time in our house. Not only if is the start of advent but it signals the arrival of our elf, Jack. He's been visiting us for a few years now and the children get very excited about his annual trip to stay with us.

Amara Christmas gifts for women £40 and under

Eek it's nearly December now, which means that we really don't have a lot of shopping days left until Christmas. Are you feeling organised? If not, sit back, have a cuppa and look through some of gift ideas that you can find on Amara at the moment. This Midnight Jungle by Matthew Williamson candle sounds

Wrapping up for winter with JD Williams

I may have mentioned it before, but I do rather love a new coat. I'd have a couple every winter if I could, one that's really practical (for wet and windy school runs) and one that is a little bit more dressy. I treated myself to a teddy coat this year but I also wanted

Christmas book gift ideas for adults

I might be biased, but I always think that a book makes a great gift. It's a thoughtful gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Here is a collection of books that might just appeal to someone you know... 50 Ways to Wear Accessories For those fashionista’s who love nothing better than

Getting into a good bedtime routine with Moonlite

Bedtimes in our house can be a bit hit and miss with Georgie. She's at that stage where she can still happily nap in the daytime, which in turn can make keeping a regular bedtime a bit tricky. In fact, even if she skips her nap, she often still has the energy to want to

Christmas stocking filler ideas

I quite enjoy gathering items that are small enough to be stocking fillers and are a little more exciting than a pair of socks or chocolate coins! Here are a few suggestions for all of the family... Dodgy Dogs A card game about badly behaved dogs, beautifully illustrated by world renowned visual artist Jean Jullien. 

Christmas gift ideas for Children

I always think that shopping for kids is both the easiest task at Christmas but also the most overwhelming. With the choice on offer and what might be one of the popular toys of the moment, the shops are brimming with gifts that you are told that you need to buy. When you have kids

Christmas gift ideas for Her

As we're now into November, you might have already started to think about Christmas presents. I know that I plan earlier and earlier as the years go by and I find that it really relieves some of the pressure that December inevitably brings! I love buying gifts for other people but I must admit that

Christmas book gift ideas for Children

When Christmas can seem all about the toys, I always remember that it can be just as magical to receive new books too. They also seem to last the test of time much longer than toys anyhow. We already have so many beloved books in our house that we pull out to read, time and

Adding fresh prints to our lounge with Desenio

The lounge has always been my favourite place in our home, but I must admit that I've been spending less time in these days. I'm often busy in the kitchen, where I also have my desk and around the house in general. I've even been sitting on the sofa less and less, so in turn

Christmas gift ideas for Him

It depends what man you might be buying for, but I always find it a bit more tricky buying for men - especially ones that claim not to want anything. Know anyone like that? I have a few ideas here that you might not ordinarily come across and might just be what you have been

Christmas gifts from Neon Sheep

I've recently discovered Neon Sheep and I can honestly say that I've fallen in love with most of their products on their site! They do lots of stationery and have wonderful gift ideas. What is even better is that the items are really reasonably priced and when it comes to Christmas gifts, you really do

My top picks for winter coats

I might not be the biggest fan of winter, but I do love a good coat or two. Coats are most definitely my favourite buys over the colder months and I believe that you can never have too many! The beauty of a coat is that it's not only functional in the fact it keeps