Travel: An Italian Family Holiday

Family holidays are very important, they offer an often much needed opportunity to step away from the every day routine and allow families to spend some real quality time together and create lovely memories. Nonetheless, there are different families in different situations- meaning that a summer holiday might not be doable for everyone, or perhaps you can only travel in summer but want to avoid the peak prices. No worries though, because whether you’re looking for a Christmas somewhere new, or an Easter break in the sun, or an Autumn near the water, Italy has it all. In fact, the Italians definitely know how to make your holiday memorable no matter the season. From the weather, the family friendly culture, the food, and the varied natural landscapes, Italy is a safe bet on whichever type of holiday you’re looking for.


Travelling to Italy during the Spring time is truly breathtaking. Not only do you beat the summer heat, big group of tourists, and higher prices, but you get to experience the wonderfulness that are the wildflowers on Italy’s landscapes! What’s more is that if you and your family enjoy visiting lakes, and like to hike and/or go on nature walks, Italy is full of trails for you to pick from. And after having gone for a nice walk in the park, Italy is renowned for many of its Springtime festivals. Italians love to celebrate food, and towns will often have an entire day dedicated to celebrating a typical ingredient produced by them! The festivals vary from artichokes, wine, and go all the way to strawberries! Of course, as a Catholic country Easter is an extremely important time in Italy, and you can see some of the fascinating and ancient traditions that come with it. There are some delicious sweet treats and special dishes made specifically for Easter, and religious processions. The country’s cities are also perfect to visit in Spring, Rome in the springtime is really special.


What better country to visit than Italy for your summer holiday? Whether you choose to stay cool in the mountains, walk around cities, or lull around at the beach, some regions can actually offer all three options! Puglia for example is a great choice, and is one of the most popular destinations for Italians to themselves to visit, but less tourist heavy meaning lower prices and unspoilt landscapes and wild beaches. Thanks to its beautiful beaches, unique architecture (like Alberobello), and delicious food, Puglia is definitely one of the best starting places for your summer holiday. And because you’re right on Italy’s heel, you can decide on either going up, or staying in the south of Italy- either way, you’ll find something to do and enjoy.


A favourite among Italians themselves, September and October are some of the best months to travel in Italy. If you are keen to avoid the highest temperatures, which for some might be too much during the summer, then visiting Italy in autumn is perfect as you will still be greeted with sunshine and good weather, but with cooler evenings and coastal breezes. The location suited perfectly for an autumn holiday is Sicily as you will find you’re still able to get a tan and swim in the sea- and the beach will be a little quieter than the busy summer season. In fact, there are plenty of villas in Sicily with private pools available to rent from locals thanks to companies like Wishsicily (at lower prices during autumn) allowing you and your family to enjoy a little luxury and a lot more space for all the family. Thanks to its fantastic temperature, the southern regions of Italy still boast beach days all the way through October!


If you’re after a holiday in a winter wonderland, or you and your family are big fans of skiing or other winter sports and want some adventure during the Christmas break then Italy has you covered. During the winter season Italy has lots of beautiful towns and cities that are covered in snow; a magical place for your children to visit. I’d recommend the Dolomites for an adventurous time on the snow, and Turin for a fun and cozy city-stay, or pick any other of the 20 regions- they all work! Christmas in Italy is a big deal, and has retained a more traditional feel than the UK. Lots of sparkling lights and delicious food can be found throughout the country.

The possibilities are endless with Italy as any kind of holiday is doable. Whether that be a city trip, lakes, beaches, or mountains, there’s everything. And thanks to its versatile nature, and lovely weather, each season has its own special destination. Simply choose what you’re up for this upcoming holiday, and Italy will definitely have what you’re looking for.

A guest post by Emily Jones.