Why It’s Important To Celebrate Birthdays

Birthdays are exciting occasions for us as children, full of joy, laughter, and a massive amount of excitement. Think back, and you’ll probably recall the anticipation you had in the days leading up to your birthday, knowing you’d receive gifts and cake and perhaps have the opportunity to do something new and spend time with friends and family.

However, as time passes, this enthusiasm fades, and birthdays can easily become just another day, especially if we have to work on them or have nowhere to go and no one to go with.

If this is how you feel about your birthday, it’s time to reconsider what it means to you. When you do this and understand how essential it is to celebrate a birthday, you may well reconsider celebrating your own and put more work into making a unique and memorable day. Continue reading to learn more.

A New Beginning

Some people get depressed when they reach a new birthday because the only thing they can focus on is that they are growing older. Perhaps they haven’t done anything noteworthy in the year since their previous birthday, or they are apprehensive about the future. This is not the proper way to approach a birthday; you’re never going to enjoy it if you go about things in this way. 

The proper way to think about a birthday is as a fresh start. It’s much better to seize the chance to plan out all you want to do in the next year. You might not complete everything, but this new beginning could be the start of the next exciting chapter in your life, and it doesn’t matter how old you are when you discover this as long as you make the necessary adjustments.

A Chance To Connect

If you live far away from your family and friends, or if you are busy most of the time and don’t visit as frequently as you could and should, your birthday is an opportunity to alter that and take the time – maybe even arranging a vacation day or two from work – to connect with them.

It’s critical that you do this. Friendships and connections become more important as we age, and loneliness can have a negative impact on our mental health. Some studies also suggest that being lonely increases your risk of acquiring dementia and other neurological diseases. Taking only one day a year to spend time with your loved ones is preferable to not spending any time with them at all.

Do Something You Want To Do

We’ve said that a birthday is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for the next year and create objectives for the upcoming twelve months. It’s also an excellent opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do, maybe something off your ‘bucket list’. You can do anything you want for yourself, whether it’s swimming with sharks, taking a cooking class, bungee jumping, seeing a concert on stage, or anything else.

Taking time for yourself is essential, particularly if you are generally so busy that this kind of self-care is not a priority in your life, and your birthday is as good a time as any to do it. It will certainly make the day a lot more memorable and positive. 

It’s The Perfect Excuse To Pamper Yourself 

Do you try to save as much money as possible? If so, that’s a good thing. It’s important to have savings, and it’s good to be careful with money. After all, you have monthly costs that have to be prioritised. But nothing like that matters right now, not on your birthday. On your birthday, you have the ideal excuse to pamper yourself and treat yourself in any way you want to. 


You don’t have to have a large party every year to celebrate your birthday. People do have parties to commemorate ‘the big ones,’ such as turning 18, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 75, but it’s certainly not mandatory. A simple supper with your family or a few close friends is generally all that is required to make you feel joyful, elevated, and valued, especially if they buy personalised birthday cards online and give you a phone call if they can’t be with you. 

Yet even if you choose not to have a big birthday celebration, doing something to acknowledge that this is your special day is important. It will help you feel better if you go about things the right way and ensure that you are ready for whatever the next twelve months have in store.

Nb. Collaborative post.