Styling your kids

Who doesn’t love putting their little ones in outfits that you think makes them look trendy? Even at times when I feel anything but stylish myself, I always try my best to make my boys look the part. The same applies the presentation of their clothes. If I don’t have time to make myself look presentable I have to at least ensure the boys do. Even down to ironing their clothes. I feel like a bad mother if I send my son to pre-school with a creased top and I have visions of the teachers thoughts about that poor child. Admittedly it’s a lot easier to iron a small person’s top than it is mine so they I feel there is never an excuse. The crumpled up look is not the look I want them to be seen in, I do not want them to look like they have slept in their clothes.

I often look at the latest styles and trends for boys and wonder whether they will suit Beastie. The skinny jeans and coloured chino look of late has never been a look that sits well with him. As he’s quite a ¬†well built boy I like to dress him in jeans, hoodies, printed t-shirts, trainers and a baseball cap. He’s just a dude. To me he doesn’t look right in shirts, knitted jackets, boots and god forbid, brown. I’ve always hated brown for him, I’m not sure why but he doesn’t own brown (of course until he might decide to wear it himself one day).



With Baby Beastie, I feel his style may be different to that of his brother. He has a vast collection of clothes that he has acquired from his big brother that are somewhat conveniently geared to the right seasons, as they were born in the same month (different years, obviously!). Although he is fair as well, his colouring is different and as he gets older he may just suit some styles that don’t suit his brother. I have visions of them in matching raincoats and wellies but I have no idea what they will both be wearing in a few years time.