Who I’m loving on Instagram lately

I don’t spend as much time looking on Instagram as I should do. By that I mean, looking at it purely for the enjoyment of seeing other peoples photos, the way that it always used to be. Back in the early days when we all use to use those terrible filters and borders – when it was just fun, quick and simple to upload, with not a hashtag in sight!

Anyone that uses Instagram a bit more seriously, (and I mean no harm to anyone that uses it for what it was intended for!) knows that it isn’t so easy to just snap and upload. For the most part, the photo will have to be thought about before shooting and then it will need to be edited and as many do, ensure that it fits in within your theme. I don’t have a theme but I do love the clean, appealing look of accounts that have a certain aesthetic about them – I’m just not consistent enough.

So, even though I often don’t have much time to scroll down my feed as I would like, here are some of my favourite accounts at the moment…

The Winnettes

I’ve loved watching Kirsty’s account grow and develop over the last few months. She’s most definitely a creative person who has a real eye for detail.

She features a lot of flowers which I love and she always manages to incorporate them into her pictures in the most imaginative way.

I particularly love her images of her little girls being fairies. With a little bit of trickery, she has made some magical pictures for her and her little girl to treasure forever.

Not only is Kirsty a dab hand at being creative, she is also an amazing baker (and cake decorator) and has a particular interest in vegan recipes – which to my surprise, often look completely amazing!

Raspbery vegan cheesecake

Kirsty has also started blogging about being eco aware and it makes for some interesting reading. So if you’re looking to make a few changes around your home and make a difference by cutting down on the amount of waste you produce, then her blog is definitely worth checking out. Winnettes is definitely up and coming…

Surrey Mama

Sarah has a lovely feed full of pictures of her two daughters Amelie and Evie, copious amounts of flowers and an overriding theme – pink! I love how her account is based around a pink injection in each photo.

She also visits her family in Dorset a lot, so I always like to see areas that I know so well.  Her captions are very honest and relatable and her pictures always brighten up my feed.

She’s also developing a great little community meeting up with mum’s in Surrey and her gatherings seem to get larger each time!

She’s also incredibly nice and down to earth and it’s no surprise to me that her account is flourishing so well.

B Plus Three

I stumbled across Bryony’s account when it was still fairly new and instantly loved her style. She’s absolutely killing it on Instagram at the moment and it’s not hard to see why. Her photos really pop and so does her beautiful red hair. Again, Bryony incorporates a theme of colours, mainly orange and blue shades that work so well.

She features a lot with her kids but is also doing some fashion type shots on her own. I love them all and I particularly am in awe of her amazing satin wrap shoes – which I believe were incredibly hard to walk in, so she deserves extra points for that alone!

I’m in awe of her gorgeous, atmospheric shots and they only seem to be getting better. She’s one to watch for sure!

Molly Forbes

I’ve been following Molly since she started her blog Mother’s Always Right back when I started blogging many years ago. I loved her writing and brilliant humour LONG before she started her Instagram account.

She’s always posted lovely photos, mainly of family life and particularly of her two little girls but lately she has taken on a new cause and it’s all about body positivity.

She’s recently been on a month long work project abroad and you can see from her photos that it looks like a pretty amazing trip! I can’t wait to find out what it entailed when she finally reveals what the secrecy shrouding it has all been about.

I’ve never met Molly but there is something about her that makes you feel like you really know her! She’s got so much energy and honesty that it’s impossible for her not to make you smile – do take a look if you don’t already follow her.

I hope I’ve inspired you with some new accounts to follow 🙂