Festive Prep!

I always like to put a great deal of thought into presents that I give others. It’s a great feeling when you have found that gift that you think someone will really love. Think of their jaw dropping (in a good way) and that sums up the reaction I would like. I look closely at peoples reactions so that I can spot whether they are delighted or cringing, the latter makes me cringe too. The problem is I usually find far too much that would suit me rather than the intended recipient and it can get a tad expensive and I’ll often still end up not happy with the chosen present I end up giving..

Over the years I have become a little bit less thoughtful, more so since I have become a Mum. This is not because I don’t want to be thoughtful, as I desperately do want to be. It’s just that now I have two children, I can barely think for a moment let alone scour the shops and the internet looking for that unique gift. Deep down though I do still really want to discover those special finds and be the one to give them! Last Christmas I did actually spend a considerable amount of time planning what I was going to buy. It took months but I definitely needed those months and I wouldn’t be able to cope with the stress of last minute shopping anymore. My days of milling around the shops, carefully choosing presents have long gone as well as my usual attention to detail whilst wrapping.

To me it’s a sign that I am getting older, all this planning ahead malarky. We’re talking almost a year in advance and this is organisation at a level I never thought possible. Back in January I bought some lovely Christmas bits and bobs that I simply couldn’t resist. I love bunting and a bit of vintage, so paired together they make the perfect festive decor. If that wasn’t enough, I took full advantage and bought matching stocking bags. Won’t we look cute? Seriously though I was fed up of stuffing stocking fillers into pathetic sized stockings. Why didn’t I get sacks earlier! As they were reduced in the sale I knew quite frankly it had to be done. I’ve seen these particular stockings on a popular website for all things unique and it’s somewhere that I have spent a lot of money with this year…any ideas where? Anyway, for a fraction of the price we have some lovely pillow cases stockings and will be personlising them just for the boys.

With less than a week to go, I’m pretty much all prepared, besides food bits, I think I can begin to relax a little bit. This year I set myself a challenge to not use the excuse of being too busy. I use that somewhat valid excuse far too much and some things have just had to wait. As they say, ‘a woman’s work is never done’ so there is no reason why I should let that get in the way.

This year I’ve been busy arranging a different kind of advent countdown for the boys and finding a gift wrapping style that I will use for many years to come. I’ve been feeling more crafty and it’s a lot more fun than just going out and buying everything ready made. Next it’s to make the now annual gingerbread house and to prepare the Christmas Eve surprise box for the boys. It’s only 7 more sleeps! *said in Beastie’s voice*.