The Gallery: Grandparents

I see this week it is open to choose whichever generation of grandparents you wish. I immediately thought of my own grandparents and knew this post had to be about them. I have posted pictures previously of them and this is a great opportunity to put a few pictures in one place as a memory page for my family and I.

As a few of you may know I lost my last remaining grandparent a few weeks ago and I feel very blessed to have had him around for so long. Somewhat hauntingly I have lost a grandparent every ten years. That’s life and I understand that, my Auntie made my Mum laugh by pointing out that they were next in line to fall off the apple tree! Sometimes you have to make light of what is sadly a fact of life.

Here are some pictures that I have in an album. I am regretful that I don’t really keep albums these days, especially ones of old photo’s. One day I will get round to properly buy ambien online from canada sorting them all out and printing off the vast amounts of photo’s stored on the computer.

With my maternal Nan

My paternal Nan

My paternal Nan will forever live on in my memories as being a super cool Nan. She never tired of playing tedious games with me and in her seventies she still loved the white knuckle rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I am not sure I will be that cool, she was remarkable.

Both Nans with me

Maternal grandparents

All my grandparents with my very young parents

Unfortunately I never knew my paternal grandfather as I was too young to remember. The picture above is the only picture I have of him. I know as much that he certainly lives on in my Dad!
Finally here is my Grandpa meeting Beastie shortly after he born. He was so very happy to meet him and I will forever be thankful they got the chance to meet.

Maternal Grandpa