MUMenTUM – Monday Check in

I have been a bit slack lately with MUMenTUM and I want to apologise to all the lovely ladies who have contributed every week, rain or shine. I am back with a renewed vigour and want to truly make the most of this group and the support it brings.

I have just popped on the scales and they read roughly the same as they always do, which isn’t a bad thing it just means that I am never really sure of what is going on. I might have a ‘fat’ day but it never really reflects on the scales and although I don’t want to yo yo with my weight it’s a strange indicator for me. No indicator in fact. As I am the same weight roughly as I was before Beastie I always tell myself that it’s great I achieved that goal. What I always forget was that in actual fact I wasn’t overly happy with my weight before and even my tummy. I now look back and wonder what on earth I was worrying about! hindsight is a wonderful thing. I realise it’s how you feel at the time, it’s all very well looking back and wishing for what we used to have only to remember at that point we probably weren’t happy either. It’s all about now and what’s important now. What is important to me and my self worth.

The main focus for me now is to concentrate more on what I eat. I haven’t been paying much attention to this lately at all, with being fairly busy, healthy eating has been on the back burner. As a result I am feeling lethargic and sluggish.

Like many people, every now and then I need to sit and take stock. I feel a new approach is needed as the old ones simply are not sustainable for me. I have been reading about the revolution that is Thinking Slimmer and have heard such rave reviews that I feel it is a must for me to try. So soon I will be joining in with all the hype…I shall be going to bed with Trevor like thousands of others.

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