The Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

With the lovely weather becoming more frequent, more and more people are choosing to dine al fresco in their own gardens. Lighter evenings usually mean that lighting isn’t a problem, but what about those who want to enjoy the evening for as long as it lasts? Here you will find a simple guide to the best choices for outdoor lighting that should please everyone, no matter what your budget may be.

Candle Lights

There is nothing more romantic than the glow of a candle so why limit them to birthday cakes and bath sets? Outdoor candles are a wonderful way to bring light to your evenings and give off a soft, relaxing atmosphere as they burn. You can also find scented ones that release a delicate fragrance as they go, adding to the ambience of your evening.

Deck Lights

If you want something modern but still soft and mellow, why not look at having deck lights installed? Your wooden decking area can be fitted with any number of small lights that emit a soft glow without being overly bright. A switch mechanism allows you to turn them off during the day and they are fitted flush to your deck so they won’t cause a tripping hazard as you walk about. You can even get colour changing ones that will softly change from one shade to another as you enjoy the lovely summer evenings.

Solar Lights

Perfect for if you’re seeking to help the environment as well as illuminate your garden. Garden solar lights absorb the sun’s rays during the day and turn that energy into light once the sun goes down. They can be hung from beams or planted directly into the ground in your garden and come in a variety of colours. Plus, if you want something more unusual and fun for your garden, many solar lights also come as part of garden statues such as birds, dogs and gnomes.

Bright Lights

For bigger gardens or those who want a brighter light, a wall-mounted electric light could be just what you’re looking for. Installed into the mains of your house, these lights emit a strong light that will make any barbecue or dining area bright and beautiful in the dark. Great for outdoor dining when you really need to be able to see what you’re doing, these lights can also be fitted with a trip sensor and will double as a security light when not in use for entertaining.

Lantern Lights

Whether you want them fitted to a wall or fence, or would prefer to have them hanging free, lanterns are a great way to brighten up your garden. Extremely adaptable and available in electric and naturally lit varieties, you can choose from contemporary designs or ones with a vintage feel to go with the look of your garden. Just remember to keep them out of reach of children and pets as they can become hot if in use for a longer period of time.