What to Consider When Setting Up a Home Office

With the right amount of planning and consideration, you could have a beautiful home office that is not only stylish, but also ensures you work to your full potential. There’s actually more to consider than you would have thought, from the lighting to the storage options and furniture. Read on for some tips.

Try and place your desk just to the side of the window, if possible, to make use of the natural light while also avoiding glare on your computer screen. Natural light is great for boosting productivity, whereas artificial light can often lead to headaches. Nonetheless, there will be times when you do have to use artificial light to be able to see, especially during winter when it gets dark early. Perhaps invest in a chic statement lamp for your desk or something more functional that you can angle it appropriately.

Ensure your desk and chair are a suitable height so that your arms are at a right angle when typing. If you don’t choose your office furniture carefully to suit your body shape and size, you may end up with aches and pains, including repetitive strain injury and even carpal tunnel syndrome. If you do a lot of typing, perhaps consider an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Will you need an office printer? If so, try and think about ways you can be more economic with its use, not only to be kinder to the environment but also to save money. Print at night when electricity is cheaper and perhaps consider reducing the font size so that you require less paper and ink. If you also need to photocopy, look into multifunctional devices rather than get one machine for each, as this will be expensive and take up unnecessary space.

Speaking of the environment; be sure to switch off your devices at the end of each day so that you’re not wasting energy overnight. Many of us are guilty of leaving our computers in standby mode, but this is a waste of electricity and will boost your utility bills.

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