Retraining your barnet

I’ve recently seen that you can ‘retrain’ your hair so that you can wash it just once a week. Obviously not a new phenomenon but it was brought to my attention nonetheless. I get the concept seeing as the more you wash it, the more greasy it becomes and thus it becomes a vicious cycle. Seemingly unbroken to people like me and something I suspect will always be the case.

Not only is it better for your hair to be washed less, it’s also extremely useful for being able to use your precious time for something much more productive. Whether that means you get can up a bit later in the mornings, run around less, scream less at your kids and even maybe style your hair properly!

I like the idea in principle. More time, less shampoo/conditioner to be bought and hopefully glossier, less frazzled looking locks. Sounds like a no brainer doesn’t it?

However, what I don’t like the idea of, is going cold turkey for that week. I’ve even been laid up in hospital beds and still gone to great lengths to wash my hair, (I know that it probably doesn’t count the same as that’s more about freshening up) so being physically able and not washing my hair would be an actual challenge.

I would either have to hibernate for the week or wear hats and hoods and scrape my hair back as much as possible. Or maybe that would make it look worse? I feel like I would have to avoid people until that next hair wash!

I used to wash my hair every single day. To most people that’s probably way too much, isn’t deemed to be good for your hair and creates more of a problem by tampering with the natural oils. Not to mention it involves way too much effort.

So out of necessity since having children, I’ve broadened my horizons and opted for the ‘every other day’ option. Since my last pregnancy, my hair seemed to be less oily in general and it was much easier to leave it without me noticing much – I may have even gone as far as three days, once only. Every other day is bliss without having to dry my hair but that’s where it ends. The downside is day old hair, which I generally decide looks rank when it’s too late to wash it and I didn’t factor it in. It means I’m stuck with the way it looks. There have been so many times that I’ve showered and then started to get dressed, only to assess my hair situation and realise that I should have just washed it.

You see, if I think my hair looks greasy, I can even smell it on myself, yet no one ever agrees with me or at least tells the truth. The thing is, I can see when people’s hair is greasy and needs a good old wash. It’s like a flashing belisha beacon to me. Eewww! Now I know it’s personal preference and not everyone sees what I see or even bats an eyelid about it, but still, it’s on my radar.

This is where I talk about dry shampoo. This stuff is lost on me. I’ve always found the notion of it somewhat alluring, in the way that it might buy me some time in the morning and yet still enable me to have swishingly beautiful hair that smells divine too. Too good to be true? It is for me.

There seem to be lots of tempting fragrances to ‘revitalise’ your manky old, semi slick barnet. It would seem though (from reading an article ages ago) that there is kind of a technique in applying it to avoid making your hair look dry, lack lustre, talcy and heaven for bid, worse than it did before (that’ll be me). I’ve half heartedly attempted to apply it several times, always not sure of the exact distance I’m spraying from (purely guess work and probably way too close) and hoping that my hair will on that occasion be revived. The faff involved with spraying it on in the right way, quite frankly makes me just want to wash it in the first place.

Yet, I know of many people that couldn’t live without a can of this stuff. Maybe it’s down to hair type too.

So what’s your stance on changing hair washing habits that die hard? Could you do it, or have you?