Overcoming The Feeling Of ‘Home Stagnation’

From time to time, we can find ourselves in need of an ‘upgrade.’ We might look at our wardrobe and feel that we need new clothing, or we may be tired with our current hairstyle, or we might have the urge to purchase a new car. However, if everything is functioning just fine and it’s only been a matter of months since our last large investment in these fields (depending on the category) you may not be able to justify a change just yet. Perhaps the desire for change also signifies not a real need for it, but a compulsion to keep indulging our impulsive behaviours.

The familiar feeling of ‘home stagnation’ can be part of this. Have you ever felt as though despite your recent renovation efforts, your home isn’t up to scratch? Maybe you can’t decide if you want to redecorate and renovate an entire room or just give it another week to help you come to appreciate the design. How do you know which path to take? Well, you are free to choose which one feels best for you of course, because that’s all any of us can do. However, you may also find utility in simple yet practical methods to reduce those feelings of home stagnation.

Let us explore that definition within the following guidance:


Decluttering your home can be a worthwhile step to help the space feel renewed. Even something like ‘the laundry chair’ that we are all familiar with (that is, the place we may store our clean laundry before folding it or hanging it) can make us feel like the space is less organis ed than we would like it to be. Can you feel productive working in an office with files absolutely everywhere on the desk, or with litter overflowing in the dustbins, or with a too-busy desktop? You can, but it will feel less enjoyable. The same can be said of curating your house in the best and most positive light. A gentle or sometimes stringent decluttering can help you avoid the hardships of a messy home in a way that is both vibrant and useful.

Deep Clean & Organise

Deep clean and organise your space. Decluttering is only the first step in the journey. When you have your items all laid out, you might find that you can rearrange them in a manner that allows for more comforting enjoyment in general. Think of a bookshelf now neatly organized in alphabetical or series-led arrangements. That can be much nicer than books and magazines strewn around the place.

Organisation can also give us the context to expand the space of our room. For example, bedroom space saving furniture can help the room take on a sense of openness that we may have been missing all of this time. 

A Fresh Colour Scheme

A fresh color scheme can help any space lighten up a little. If your bedroom is feeling a little dark but the darker variant of grey paint isn’t doing any favours for your feature wall design, why not change this to a lighter, eggshell colour? A lick of paint can not only reframe the entire room and allow light to bounce around more confidently within it, but it can help any space feel renewed.

Of course, a colour scheme may not only be too dark, but too busy. Perhaps removing the clashingly-themed cushions from your sofas and replacing them with bright yet cohesive coloured options to match other decorations in the room can help the theming stay promising and beautiful, and get across your design intentions more confidently. You would be surprised just how worthwhile an effort like this can be, and how it can open your entire sense of potential within your design ambition.

Ventilation & More

Sometimes, a space is beautifully and creatively designed. However, it may still feel oppressive or stagnant. This is where considering your ventilation or how the room’s airflow is setup can help you avoid that sense of stagnancy. Allowing a room to feel open, refreshing and ‘new’ will often mean cracking a window, investing in AC, or purchasing an air purifier to help the positive ions and odours (perhaps due to pets) settle.

It can also be that nice fragrances, or routinely cleaning your fabrics, or ensuring that you take care of any damp immediately can help you avoid those more tangible feelings of home stagnation. Every little helps.

With this advice, we hope you can continue to fall in love with your home.

Nb. Collaborative post.