Kids party themes

Here are some great ideas whatever the weather or the amount of space you have…

Pirates, Princesses, Picnics and Paint!

Party Theme Ideas to Keep your Little Ones Entertained.

Celebrating your child’s birthday in their early years is an event to be treasured. Every parent will most likely agree with that age old cliché that they grow up so fast! That said, the first few birthdays are some of the best occasions to create family memories that you can reminisce about in years to come.

They can also prove to be some of the best opportunities for parents to collect those oh so embarrassing photos they like to keep to hand when the first boyfriend or girlfriend comes for dinner! So here are five great party themes and gift ideas to inspire and impress your children.

Letter Based Fancy Dress: Best for… Boys and Girls

Always popular and a perfect excuse to get dressed up yourselves! You can have great fun with your child deciding what costume to go for. The first letter of your child’s name is a great starting point but if not, the letter, P provides a number of options. Whether it’s a policeman or a penguin, a princess or Peppa Pig, there’s plenty of room to get creative. Have a prize ready for the best dressed. Story cubes make a great gift for toddlers as they encourage imaginative play and can be enjoyed with parents or their peers.

The Teddy Bears Picnic: Best for… Poor Weather

This is a great one for boys and girls. A big advantage is that it can be indoors or outdoors depending on the weather! All your young guests can bring along a teddy bear guest and enjoy the afternoon sipping pretend tea and eating scrummy sandwiches and treats. Activities could include teddy bear badge making or teddy bear hide and seek. As for children’s gift ideas along this theme, a teddy bear tea party gift box would be ideal.

Great Big Painting Party: Best for… A Big Garden

Probably best suited to the outdoors, but again this is great for pre-schoolers. How about a mini competition for the children to paint their mummies and daddies? No doubt this will provide a measure of entertainment for the parents too! The classic finger painting, straw blowing and potato shape painting are popular activities too. It’s worth noting that crayons may be more appreciated in the party gift bags than paints, at least by the parents!

Farm Park Party: Best for… Limited Room at Home

Petting zoos are a major hit with most youngsters. There are plenty of things to see and do to keep them entertained and most venues will offer party packages including organised activities and food and drink. They’re also an educational resource and offer information about the different species of animals. Play areas are a common feature at most parks too so they’ll be able to burn off some energy after lunch. Animal picture cards would make a perfect gift for this sort of party.

Big Splashes Paddling Pool Party: Best for… A Sunny Day

Arm bands at the ready! A paddling pool party is ideal for a summertime birthday. There’s a variety of activities to engage your little guests in such as pirate missions to hunt for treasure. You can be as creative as you like. Paddling pools often make for good imaginary boats! “Duck, duck, goose!” is also a brilliant party game to be played around the paddling pool. Inflatable beach balls would make a good party gift bag filler or prize for a party like this.


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