Lighting trends for your garden this summer

There is nothing like a little heatwave to make everyone want to spend as much time as they can outside and when that happens, you need outside to look nice. I was sat in the garden late yesterday evening simply just trying to keep cool sat on a lounger. The kids were in bed, it was blissfully quiet and I had a glass of wine in hand…

All that was lacking was some mood lighting and my husband. As it’s only June, I know that there is still plenty more light and hopefully balmy evenings ahead of us, so I will be choosing my pretty lights very soon. I have been eyeing them up in the shops for a while but have never been sure what to opt for…

There are lots of trends for kitting out your garden with lights at the moment and House Beautiful shows you their top 7 trends for this summer. Depending on what type of garden or outdoor area you have, there is a trend to suit what you have and something that you can work with.

I love fairy lights for literally anywhere around my home. They’re so versatile to hang up and arrange and they also create a pretty atmosphere. We have a fenced area in the corner of our garden which is where I plan to hang some lights and then I will just dot about some lanterns too.

Photo credit: Festive Lights

The industrial trend with lightbulbs looks really effective and especially these ones fitted with a geometric shade. I look the brick wall look (indoors) and these look ideal against brick walls which are not in short supply outside!

Photo credit: Festive Lights

Lighting mixed around foliage really looks really lovely – simple but effective and I’ve always dreamed of a little gazebo adorned with lights everywhere, tucked away in a corner.

Photo credit: Festive Lights

What I love about the warmer months is that you are extending your living space and everyone generally feels better for being outdoors don’t they? It’s like creating another room in your house and when you’re entertaining people, you want it to look right and for people to be comfortable.

Our warmer nights don’t stick around for long here, so we really need to make the most of them. Now I just need to decide which lights to go for…