Amazonite Healing Stone Necklace by Daisy

It’s only recently that I’ve started wearing necklaces again. I probably could have worn them much sooner seeing as Georgie is now three (and less likely to tug at my neck!) but I guess I simply got used to not putting one on.

I’ve never been a big jewellery wearer but when I do wear it, I like to put on pieces that have some meaning to me or like this Daisy necklace, that has a healing gemstone.

I’m always drawn to healing stones and am curious as to whether they actually do work. I feel that there is only one way of finding out.

Daisy has so many different Women’s Necklaces and particularly stones to choose from, all with different healing powers. I was initially torn between about three stones but in the end decided to choose the Amazonite as the turquiose colour immediately drew me in. The stone is said to calm the soul and bring balance and peace to the wearer.

The necklace came packaged beautifully in a box and with a gift bag, should it be a present for someone.

I love the simplicity of this sterling silver necklace and how delicate it looks around my neck. It’s easy to wear with anything and it’s already becoming my most worn necklace.

It’s a really good length in the fact that it just sits on my collarbone and although fairly small, it’s striking.

Pieces like this are timeless and understated. I think that I’d like a couple more and then I can wear the stone that I feel is most appropriate for my mood!

Nb. I was sent this Daisy necklace for the purpose of this review, but all views and opinions are my own.