Key Looks To Update Your Interiors in 2020

As trends go, interior decor is often just like fashion. Some decor remains timeless, and others are a passing fad. The challenge with picking the right one for your home is ensuring you’re going to still like looking at it in a few years. Unlike fashion, changing your decor isn’t usually a seasonal thing. There’s always the chance to update little areas of the designs. But all-out renovation is mostly reserved for at least every couple of years. 

Interior updates also don’t have to cost the earth either. So if you’re considering switching things up in the new year, take a look at some of the key trends that could inspire your interior themes. 

Earthy tones and sustainable style

There’s no getting away from the fact that there’s a significant focus on how to work natural elements into your home. From sustainable materials to earthy tones, this is a significant trend that will more likely turn into a lifestyle factor for many people. It’s quite simple to incorporate natural materials into your home; however, it’s how they work with current decor that can be the challenge. If you want to keep things simple, natural tones and palettes are a great way to create a base for warm tones. Plus the addition of vibrant houseplants will offer that element of colour and authentic, earthy vibes. 

Bold print and fabrics

Minimalist style is still a big hit in interiors; however, to mix it up a little, bold print can offer a focal point in your room. Nature-inspired prints are a defining feature with exaggerated floral and palm proving popular. A great way to incorporate this trend is to opt for wallpaper. There is a range of prints and patterns available that work with all types of colour schemes. You can also mix and match your accessories to bring out the colours on the print. 

Statement kitchens

The epitome of luxury used to be an all-white kitchen. However, going into the new decade, we see a range of warmer tones and classic choices taking the forefront. It’s not just countertops, and work surfaces that are benefiting from a splash of colour, kitchen floors are too! Think bold patterned tiles or quirky finishes to add another focal point to the room. Next year is also all about how the space works best for your lifestyle. So if you’re thinking about upgrading this room in 2020, look for a fitted kitchen supplier that can guide you through how your kitchen could work better for your family life. 

Concealed storage

We’re always looking for ways to increase the space in our home, and this trend is the perfect way to do it. Whether you need more room in your kitchen, bathroom or living areas, concealed storage can bring a sense of clean integration without trying too hard. Clever storage has always been a big hit in interiors, and next year it takes on a minimalist vibe to allow other areas of the room to shine through. 

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