How to Motivate Your Child to Learn

Children who develop a love of learning at home are much more likely to perform well in school. So what can parents do to help motivate their children to learn? Here are a few tips from a prep school in Surrey

Encourage questions

Role model your own inquisitive nature and encourage your child to ask questions. Curiosity is the best ways to learn new facts and make new discoveries. Use your child’s curiosity to show how fun learning can be. For example, if they ask “where does the sun go at night?” you could demonstrate using a globe and a torch.

Learn outdoors

To help develop a love of learning it is important to show your child that learning can happen anywhere, not just in a classroom. The best way to do this is by getting outdoors and exploring nature. You don’t have to go far; simply observing the wildlife in your own garden can be incredibly interesting for children.

Create a learning area

Make a special learning area within your home for your child to read, write, draw and craft. This should be somewhere quiet, with a table top and plenty of light. You could also add books, stationary and crafting equipment to encourage your child’s creativity.

Read & write together

Improve your child’s literacy skills by supporting their reading and writing at home. Read stories together, encourage them to keep a diary and inspire them to write their own stories. There are many daily tasks that require reading and writing; look for opportunities where your child can help, such as reading a recipe or writing your shopping list.

Get them problem solving

When helping your child with schoolwork, it is important to let them try and work things out alone first. Be patient and give your child helpful feedback instead of criticism. This means helping your child to think about different ways to solve their problem with hints towards the answer.

Get to know the teacher

Get to know your child’s teacher and keep in regular contact so that you are up to date on what your child is learning. This will not only help you with their home learning, but it will also motivate your child to do well in class. If your child knows that you have a good relationship with their teacher, they will want to impress them so that you hear about it!

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