How to Make the Most of Space in a Small Bedroom

Small spaces are always hard work, especially when you have a lot of clutter like I do.
However, I also feel as though small spaces are far more rewarding than large ones because when you get it right you feel a far greater sense of satisfaction.

So to help you make the most of that ‘box bedroom’ or to create as much storage space in your own bedroom, here are a few ideas:

Remove Large Pieces of Storage Furniture

Start by getting rid of those massive pieces of furniture that are eating up too much of your floor space. From impractical dressers to unsightly storage boxes, by getting rid of these your room won’t just look less cramped but will feel far more airy and comfortable.
Where should you put your stuff though?

Try getting as much under the bed as possible (in a neat and orderly fashion, I hasten to add). Rolling storage boxes are great for placing out-of-season clothes in and fit neatly under most beds. If you can, make the most of other wardrobes and storage spaces around the home too. Do the kids really need an entire wardrobe to themselves? Can you put some of the clothes you don’t wear much in the guest wardrobe?

By looking around at the space you already have and how it can work, you’ll probably be surprised at how easy it is to declutter.

Have Multifunctional Furniture

If you can find furniture that serves more than one purpose that’s ideal for making the most of the space in the room.

For instance, if you really don’t have much room at all and it’s a guest bedroom, you could use a sofa bed or futon to create seating space and sleeping space for your guests. The fact that you don’t need to have a bed made up all the time in this room can really make it feel more spacious and usable when you don’t have guests there.

Alternatively, you can use features like ottomans to create added seating space (ideal for your dressing table, for example) and storage space. These not only provide a large area for various bits and bobs but also look chic too.

Introduce Sliding Doors

Companies like Barrier Components offer a great range of sliding doors which are ideal for a multitude of purposes.

For example, if you have an alcove that’s not much use, you could easily create much-needed storage space by installing sliding doors to create a fitted wardrobe. Or, if you’ve got an en-suite adjoined to your bedroom, swapping out the usual door for a sliding one will ensure you have more space for other items of furniture.

For the majority of small spaces, it’s all about getting rid of clutter and maximising storage (stylishly). Get rid of anything that’s wasting valuable space (even changing a king-size bed for a double) and make the most of clever storage that’s hidden away from view.

Nb. Collaborative post.