First week of flab busting

I thought I would share with you my week (although short I know) of attempting to be healthy. I am in the right mindset and have the wonderful support of some like minded bloggers who are hoping to slim down for summer time. Heck I need to slim down for this weekend seeing as it’s supposed to be a scorcher!

So this all started on Tuesday, seeing as I was having a BBQ on Monday, I wanted to start afresh when back to work. It is so much easier to curb my appetite at work, although tea drinking does get a little out of hand! Well I was in for a surprise today. Why is it that when you decide and make a pledge to yourself and anyone else that will listen, that you are watching your weight, something happens to through temptation in the way?

First setback today was forgetting my packed lunch. This is annoying for obvious reasons but even more so when you have prepared healthy food, only to leave it sat on the kitchen work top. Absolutely no use there to anyone. So after a colleague taking pity on me, I was given some money to go and and buy something. I ate healthily and was happy.
That was until I was asked if I was popping in to someone’s leaving lunch, to wish them well in their retirement. Just brilliant. I made my excuses and even told someone I wasn’t going due to all the food that would be laid out, I have no control when it comes to cakes. I failed miserably and was roped into going, after explaining my worries to my friend about not wanting to eat rubbish, I managed to inadvertently make her think about what she was eating too. So we sat there with several people asking ‘are you not having anything? go on!’. In all honesty I didn’t want anything, I was full and didn’t feel the need for more, not a glimpse of glutony. So my friend and I sat there with an apple each from the fruit bowl. How strange that I had been craving the apple I left behind on the kitchen work top that morning.
What I am hoping is that this is the start of me thinking about what I am eating, rather than just eating for the sake of it. I have always eaten what I want and always been quiet flippant about how fattening some foods can be. A little bit of self restraint has done me good and has proved that I don’t always have to choose to eat cake. Just occasionally (or when ill, moody, tired…you get the jist).