Christmas Ideas: Books for Her

I can hardly believe I that it’s finally time to start thinking about Christmas gifts, if you haven’t already. As always, I like to put together a collection of gift ideas that you might not have seen or thought of giving before.

Sometimes it cab be a minefield when it comes to present buying and I often just wait until an idea will spring into my head…but then can often be a little late and results in much stressing on my part.

If you read the much raved about book called This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay, then you might be interested to know that he has released a new book which is suitably Christmas themed. Twas the Night Before Christmas is definitely up a Christmas purchase you should make.

Speaking of books, have you ever considered an Audible subscription? I’m a book lover myself, who prefers an actual hard copy of a book to read myself, but Audible has been a bit of a game changer for me.

There are times when I simply can’t spare a moment to sit down in peace with a book and this is where listening to them comes in handy. I can now listen to recordings when I’m in the car on the way to work as well as listening while I’m cooking and cleaning. It enables me to still get on with what I need to do, whilst being able to enjoy a story.

For beauty lovers that might appreciate this book full of tips, then they need to look no further than Back Chat Beauty. It’s written by a former style director from Elle magazine and an award winning journalist. It’s no nonsense beauty advice for real women (and men).

First there was ‘Why Mummy Drinks’ and then ‘Why Mummy Swears’ and now Gill Sims has delivered another honest and hilarious follow up book called ‘Why Mummy Doesn’t Give A £*$&!’.

December is always a good time to give gifts that nod to the new year and Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 will guide anyone through a journey that says goodbye to 2019 while creating a vision and plan for the year ahead. It features quarterly check ins to help keep you on track through the year.

This Good Housekeeping Express is full of recipes that can be created in 30 minutes or less. There are lots of chapters such as Vegetarian and Vegan to Cooking for One and Speedy Entertaining – so lots of areas covered. Each one of the 130 dishes in this recipe collection has been Triple-Tested to ensure it works each time and tastes mouth-wateringly fabulous.

If they like a bit of greenery around the house and they *cough* aren’t so great at keeping their plant babies alive, then this House Plants book would be a very useful reference to have. This is a comprehensive guide to raising the best, healthiest, and happiest potted plants nature has ever seen.

They’re often considered an easier option than plants and they also look very pretty dotted around the house too. This guide on choosing, growing and caring for Succulents is a great guide.

Need some more ideas? Then I have also posted Christmas Ideas: For Her.

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