Travelling with Cabin Zero bags

I don’t know about you, but I’m always ill prepared with bags when we go on trips away.

When it came to planning our recent trip abroad, I knew that I needed to make sure for starters that I would be more organised with my carry on luggage.

It used to be so simple when I could just check in my suitcase and swan onto the plane with my handbag, but of course it’s more of a juggling act these days with having three children. I can no longer just sling in a few essentials for myself, as I have to think about supplies for the kids as well.

With them in mind, I knew that I needed a bag that I could wear on my back to free up my arms when walking around the airport, for the speedy walk to the departure gate and finally boarding the plane. I’ve always had a bag just over my arm and it gets really awkward when you need to keep picking up a toddler and you need to use of both of your arms.

My husband also needed a bag for carrying lots of filming equipment when travelling abroad but also when travelling around locally to us.

This is where the Cabin Zero bags fit the bill perfectly. They come in a range of colours and sizes and all of them are designed to meet the specificaions of most airline carriers.

You just pick the size for your needs.

The bags feature a built-in lost and found system (genius), lockable zippers and have huge capacity. Every bag comes with a 10 year warranty too.

I went for a 28 litre classic ultra-light cabin bag in Lipe Blue. I love that the blue shade was inspired by the sea at Ko Lipe beach in Thailand and I hope that one day I get to take it there.

My husband chose the denim one with the same capacity and his was primarily for carrying all of his camera and video equipment – and let me tell you that he took a lot!

He took expensive equipment on as his carry on so that it wouldn’t get damaged in the hold and he was also filming at the airport and once on board, so it was really crucial that he was able to access his bag easily when he needed to. His bag was heavy and he did struggle at bit at times but it certainly meant that the bag was put to the test. It remained secure at all times and was more than up to the job of carrying a heavier load.

The boys have some wheely cases to take on board planes but being able to carry these bags on on your body, makes them much more practical. Not only at the airport when you have your large cases to wheel around, it’s certainly easier not having another case to pull alongside too.

Not only are these bags great for being our cabin bags when we travel abroad, but they’re also incredibly handy for when we take short trips away or even day trips out where we need to carry a few items.

There is a carry handle on the top and the side, which makes it easier to lift. The clips on the side offer more support and added security.

Inside there is a compartment that is handy for storing your laptop/tablets and there is a zipped mesh pocket that I use for smaller items that I don’t want to get lost within the bag – including passports and documents.

As I mentioned earlier, my husband needed his bag primarily for carrying all of his camera kit when we recently went abroad and he filmed a video showing what his essentials are and how the Cabin Zero bag was ideal for housing it all.

All in all, the bags are so useful to us and we will be getting lots of use out of them this year, with trips abroad as well as overnight stays within the UK.

Nb. We received these Cabin Zero bags for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions remain entirely our own.