Can Your Home Electronics Damage Your Health?

Given how well they have been integrated into modern life, you could be forgiven for assuming that electronics have been around forever. Humanity has well and truly adopted electricity as the fuel for society, and this means that most homes are packed to the brim with devices from clocks to televisions. Of course, though, living around items like this is surely unnatural, so what harm could this do to your health? Let’s take a look at some of the areas you should be concerned about with your home electronics.

The Sound

While most people don’t consider sound to be very dangerous, your sense of hearing can easily turn against you. You may not notice it, but the vast majority of electronics make noise when they are working. This is the result of mechanical components and electricity passing through circuits, and this constant noise can have a dramatic impact on a person’s stress levels. Giving yourself a chance to get outside each day can be a good way to avoid being overwhelmed by the sound of your gadgets.

The sounds around is play a large part in how relaxed or stressed we might be and not only may you be more sensitive to some noises you may also be missing some entirely. Different frequencies are not always picked up by the human ear and if you think your hearing isn’t quite what it should be, then The Yorkshire Hearing Clinic can help you find out if your hearing is working as it should be.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that electromotive forces can cause damage to your body. When turned on, just about every device in the world will emit EMF, exposing your body to harmful radiation that can harm your health. An EMF survey can be used to determine how bad the EMF is in your home, giving you the chance to start working on this right away. 


Human bodies are excellent conductors, and this is very dangerous when coupled with the fact that your brain uses electrical signals to control organs like your heart and muscles. While it is rare in the modern world, electric shocks and electrocution are very much possible at home, and it only takes a spill or cut wire to cause a serious hazard. Ensuring that your fuse system is up to date is a good way to combat this, though you could also consider the idea of performing an electrical safety audit around your home.

Mental Health

Your mental health is one of the most important assets you have. Unfortunately, though, modern electronics aren’t always good for your mind, causing distractions and making it hard to be productive. A lot of people find that they get depressed and lonely when they rely on their electronics too much, and this makes it well worth working hard to break out of the trap that they snare you in. You may need to work hard to improve this, but the results can be genuinely life-changing.

Maintaining your health is a lot more important than enjoying the ease of living that comes with electronics. There are loads of products on the market that are completely safe, but you need to make sure that their impact on your environment isn’t also damaging your body. This process can take some work, and it makes sense to do plenty of research along the way.

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