Supporting Your Child’s Physical and Mental Health

When we think about raising a healthy child, we usually focus on providing them with a nutritious diet and ensuring they get enough fresh air and exercise. While these are obviously crucial aspects of their physical health, it’s also important to think about how to ensure they are mentally healthy. Here’s some advice from an independent school in Somerset.

First of all, consider your child’s home environment. Is it a positive space for them, where they feel supported, safe, and confident enough to express their opinions and explore their personality without judgement? Your child needs to know that you love them no matter what, so try to avoid harsh punishments. Instead, focus on praising your child and reminding them that you are there for them to turn to in times of need.

You should try and maintain regular communication with your child’s teachers throughout the year, not just at the yearly Parents’ Evening meetings. Not only will this show your child that you are genuinely committed to their academic progress, it will also allow you to deal with any problems that arise, like a bullying issue or trouble with learning.

Encouraging your child to join an extra-curricular club of some sort is important for both their physical and mental health. It allows them to develop a range of key skills, which helps them with their self-esteem. What’s more, they’re also able to meet new people and take a break from their digital devices and stimulate their minds in a more productive way.

Speaking of digital devices, our children are becoming increasingly more obsessed with them, sometimes at a detriment to their health. Try and establish some rules to limit screen time, but make sure your child has something else to do in its place. Perhaps you could bake a cake together, play outside or do a jigsaw. Younger children in particular find it difficult to keep themselves entertained, so you will need to step in and help.

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