17 weeks…

As I sit down to write this post I have realised that I haven’t really done an awful lot else on my blog this week, besides a rather fab giveaway, I haven’t had much time to add anything else. The before I know it, it’s the beginning of the week again and I am playing catch up.

So far I have written four entries into my Bump Diary and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I lapsed a little and posted late. I do try my best but I tend to be one of those people that doesn’t stick to a routine, hence the distinct lack of an exercise one! I do feel that I have a decent excuse for not posting and that was because I was dead beat from a day out in London on Monday attending The Baby Show for Trade with my very lovely and trusty buddy Mummy Daddy and me makes three. My god was I tired. I even took paracetamol for my pounding headache after abstaining throughout my pregnancy so far. Last night I just needed to sleep before a full day at work. I am still tired now, my eyes extremely heavy, but I have set myself a goal and I don’t intend let myself down and be flakey.

I found the chance of visiting The Baby Show for Trade was too good an opportunity to miss and gladly took up Mrs E’s (aka Mummy Daddy and me makes three) offer of accompanying her. The sat nav did me proud and I managed to get there in good time and didn’t get in a flap with the roads in London. I have made some massive blunders with my navigational skills in the past. My pregnant brain didn’t fail me and I didn’t end up whimpering down some side street lost, calling my Dad in Spain (yes I’ve done this before) as my husband is still phoneless. Nope, I got there ok and the day went very smoothly apart from the fact we struggled several times with Beastie’s buggy on the stairs, only to be told there was in fact a lift. We were told there wasn’t one! Poor Mrs E.

We schmoozed our way around, saw some fantastic products and spoke to some great people and we came away armed with lots of information about all the new releases and gadgets on the market. There were some truly genius but simple ideas that people had come up with and had manufactured. How great it would be to see your idea come to life and become a success. The Show was full of these clever people.

When we were there I wasn’t sure whether I would look pregnant to anyone who doesn’t know me and we pretty much had to tell everyone we chatted to. It seems my bump is still rather modest and not obvious. I am still wondering when it is going to really sprout. I am finding clothes much more uncomfortable now and I get easily annoyed with trousers, feeling like they are digging into my tummy. It’s definitely time for some decent slouchy loungewear and some nice brand new fluffy slippers.

So not much has changed on the bump front but in terms of my energy levels, they are definitely taking a nose dive. I would love it if Beastie granted me a lie in tomorrow but I think we all know there is a fat chance of that happening!