Air Wick Air & Fabric with Fresh Bubbles



I have tried out a couple of other Air Wick products to review and I have been really pleased with both of them so it was a no brainer to try out this air and fabric freshener too. I can be easily swayed when at the supermarket when I see new branded items that promise lots of things and I will often grab them to have a try. There are however only a few air fresheners that I like and a lot of the fragrances on offer throughout all the different brands are usually too much for my nose to cope with. I usually like fruity or spiced fragrances and flowery combinations usually make me turn my nose up and more often than not sneeze. Too many can smell like toilet cleaners, not a smell I want wafting throughout my home.

NEW Air Wick Air & Fabric with Fresh Bubbles is new and unique to the air care category and is the only air freshener spray to use microencapsulated technology. Combining two fragrance formulations within one product offers a dual benefit, with an effective instant action when sprayed in the air and microencapsulated bubbles that release the on-going fragrance when sprayed on fabrics. Using technology previously used in some fabric softeners, fragrance is released for up to 12 hours as the bubbles are burst by your natural movement around the home. It’s clever idea spraying directly onto curtains and upholstery to give the fabric a freshen up as well as the smell staying put for a little longer due to the micro particles.

So I was sent the Air & Fabric with Fresh Bubbles to try out in Pink Sweet Pea. Flowers you may say but I do actually love sweet pea’s and their delicate aroma, so I think this was certainly a good choice for the spray. I have been spritzing it about as and when we need it and we certainly needed it the other night. I let Beastie fall asleep in our bed and it completely slipped my mind to pop a nappy on, fast forward a couple of hours and there was a very sodden little boy lying in our bed, head to toe! We do have a mattress protector on the bed but not of the waterproof variety so inevitably the urine soaked through a little bit to the mattress. After wiping down the mattress I then sprayed on the Air Wick as it doubles as a fabric freshener and it was extremely handy considering I had run out of our usual fabric freshener. This actually smells much nicer too and after the mattress had dried I found that there was no existing urine smell, so it worked very well.

Air Wick Air & Fabric with Fresh Bubbles are available at all major supermarkets and retail at £3.49 in a 345ml Plastic Bottle with propellant-free trigger.

It is available in a range of four fragrances:

    • Pink Sweet Pea
    • Purple Lavender Meadow
    • Crisp Linen & Lilac
    • Ivory Freesia Bloom

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Nb. I was kindly sent this item to review. I have shared my experience and expressed opinions on the product that are entirely my own.