5 Low-Budget Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

You’re probably reading this today because your bathroom is looking a bit past its use-by date

Now is the time to improve its aesthetics, but the only trouble is you don’t have much money to devote to the project. Does that mean you have to live with your bathroom’s lacklustre looks?

In short, the answer is no! You may not realise it, but there is plenty you can do to make your bathroom look more attractive, presentable, and functional without spending a fortune.

Here are five low-budget ways to help inspire you, whether you’re after a Scandi or contemporary style on a budget for your bathroom:

1. Paint Or Wallpaper Your Walls

Did you know that one of the simplest yet cheapest ways to give your bathroom walls a significant makeover is by painting or wallpapering them? If you know where to look, it’s possible to find cheap paint and wallpaper that you can use to transform your bathroom. 

Choose a specific bathroom paint colour if you want to paint your walls. Likewise, if you opt for wallpaper, ensure that it’s got a protective coating that helps it stand up to humidity.

2. Use Faux Candles For Instant Ambience

Many people like to have candles in their bathrooms to create a relaxed and calming environment. Some even do so as part of an at-home spa treatment session.

The only downside to using candles in the bathroom is they can be a potential fire hazard – especially if a gust of wind blows the flame from one onto a towel or something equally flammable.

Consider using some cheap LED ‘faux’ candles to create the same effect but without the fire risk.

3. Renew All Tile Grout And Silicone Sealant

Tile grout and silicone sealant in bathrooms can become mouldy after a while due to excess condensation – even with windows open and extractor fans operating.

If your bathroom is a bit mouldy, an inexpensive way to solve the problem and make your bathroom look amazing is by simply renewing the grout between the tiles and the silicone sealant in all corners and joints, such as around your bathtub.

4. Install Some Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a familiar sight in many bathrooms. It’s an affordable floor covering that you can get in a broad range of styles and colour schemes, and it’s easy for even a novice DIYer to lay down.

If your vinyl flooring is worn and the top printed coating has come away from some areas, now is the time to get it replaced. You can find replacement vinyl flooring online and locally at bargain prices.

5. Add A Statement Mirror

Last but not least, do you have a standard mirror hanging up in your bathroom? If so, one low-cost way to improve the appearance of your bathroom is by replacing your mirror with one that makes a statement.

For example, you could find a wall mirror with an intricate border design from a local reclaimed salvage outlet or you could even get a local metalworker to make a custom tailored one for you.

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