4 tips to make your bedroom look bigger

Decorating and furnishing a small room can be a real challenge, however there are a few tricks you can use to make the most of your small room. After reading advice from various designers I came up with a list of tricks that can help you…

1. Furniture

Use every single space in your room, that little space above your wardrobe that is never used, utilise it. I would advise you to invest in a fitted wardrobe that would completely fill the whole wall. Perfect to create extra storage, but also to give the impression that the wardrobe is part of the wall. If you’re unsure on where to find one, check out Hammonds for a great selection.  

You can also add some storage under your bed, out of sight, it is also perfect to put away all the clutter around your bed. An untidy room can look half its actual size. 

2. Mirrors & Light

A mirror will open up a room and make it appear twice as big as its actual size. Make sure to place a large mirror in your bedroom to reflect both artificial and natural light. Mirrors are the easiest way to trick the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it is. Don’t forget to stick to neutral colour or even shutters for your windows, bulky curtains will block the natural light, you could also ditch the curtains completely so your room is constantly open and full of light.  

3. Colours

The colour you choose for your room can make a huge difference to the way your room will look. Dark colours absorb light, but lighter colours will reflect the light making your room seem brighter and bigger. I would totally advise you to use whites or even pastel colours to open up the space. You can also trick the eye by adding horizontal stripes to lengthen a narrow bedroom or add a pop of colour to your ceiling to create the illusion of height.

4. Exposed legs

Always buy furniture with exposed legs to make a space feel bigger and more open, it will create the illusion of extra room. Chairs, sofas, table, and beds can be extremely bulky, but by choosing ones with legs, you can make a slight change to the way the room looks. You could also choose a glass table to add the appearance of spaciousness to the room. 

Nb. Collaborative post.