by Hannah

19 weeks…

I worked Monday and Tuesday this week so I am really late posting my diary entry. It feels like I have had no time at all these last few days and with working, long busy days I haven’t been able to catch up on my blog as much as I would have liked to.

This week we are very much looking forward to the anatomy scan next Monday, I can’t believe it is less than a week away! Besides wanting to see our baby and check that all is developing as it should be, we are also keen to find out whether I am carrying a girl or a boy. I am also prepared for the possibility that the baby won’t play ball and we may not even have the gender revealed, I have heard many people say they have been unable to find out at 20 weeks. If this is the case then so be it but we shall be booking in for a 4D scan at some point, simply because we had one with Beastie and we feel it’s only fair to have the same again with the new addition. It was a great experience first time round and I know it will be just as amazing to see this baby in such clear detail.

I have actually been able to feel the baby move this week and that has been a lovely feeling. Within the next few weeks I will begin to feel much more and that is going to be really exciting, especially for involving Beastie in the pregnancy. At the moment he understands I have a baby in my tummy and that he needs to be gentle and not jump on it. We have had some really tender moments where he has patted my tummy and told me he needs to be gentle and careful and a couple of times he has planted a kiss on my belly. These are heart melting moments and I really hope that he can develop a bond with my bump and be a part of it all as much as possible.

This week I decided to have the flu jab. I really wasn’t keen on having it but after receiving a letter from my GP inviting me to attend a drop in clinic, I felt that maybe it was the best move seeing as pregnant women are in the ‘at risk’ groups. After chatting with a few colleagues and expectant Mum’s, I had the jab whilst at work which was much easier than waiting in my busy GP surgery. Which would have probably been full up with plenty of people already with colds and I think the wait would have been ridiculous. The downside is I actually feel really run down after having it and I hope that I just develop a bit of a cold and not much more. I had the injection last year and I wasn’t very well at all. Unfortunately it’s also just that time of the year when most people fall foul to a cold and sooner or later I will no doubt get one anyway. What I am hopefully safeguarding myself from is complications should I develop full blown flu.

So for now it’s the count down to the next scan when I will hopefully reveal all on Monday…


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working london mummy 6th November 2011 - 10:06 pm

hope scan goes well ! sorry you are a bit under the weather, hope it clears up soon xx


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