18 weeks…

I thought I would add another bump photo this week and as I have been doing this I have had a look at my previous shot. Well I think the way it was taken, I look bigger before! When is this baby bump going to pop out? Some days I feel bigger than others. Last week at work no one said anything about my tummy but the very next day I had several people asking if I was pregnant and the ones that knew commented on how it was really noticeable. Well I think it’s shrunk again, hmmm.

Although I feel like I am smaller than I should be, I am definitely feeling the difference in my clothes. I am now getting really uncomfortable and a little cranky with the way some of my clothes fit. Yes I know I need maternity clothes and I have dragged out some of the old faithfuls from last time and bought some new. I have even kicked myself for throwing out some knitted dresses from last time because I was sick of the sight of them, it was one of those days where I just had a massive clear out and they didn’t survive the cull. How very stupid of me.

Many a spare moment has been taken up browsing online for this elusive maternity gear, which I thought had improved in recent years. Now I need the clothes, all the fashionable items I spied when not pregnant (isn’t it always the way) have mysteriously vanished and returned to frumpsville. Why do you have to become uncool when pregnant? I expect all the cool stuff comes with a nice price tag though and quite frankly for only a few months wear, I find it very wasteful. Maybe if I was planning another four pregnancies then it would be good value for money! until one day I decide I detest them and chuck them out on a whim…only to regret it later.

I need lots more items for lounging around the flat, that won’t dig into my tummy and more importantly a comfortable bra for the oh so uncomfortable boobs. Oh what I wouldn’t give to find a decent bra. I have one really comfortable breastfeeding bra from my first pregnancy and if I could wear that all day and every day I would, however this is not practical for obvious reasons. Also whilst I am moaning I will tell you how irritating it is that my lovely maternity leggings now have a hole below the knee and can I find another decent pair? I plan to set some time aside tonight or tomorrow to find some new bits and bobs and I am resigned to the fact I am probably going to have to bulk order a few items just to try them on for size. This is the off putting part about bra shopping and if you read my post on boobs a while back then you will know my predicament. I have had some recommendations on twitter from some lovely ladies so I am very grateful for all the advice I have received.

Anyway if you have got this far and not got thoroughly fed up of my whinging then I appreciate you taking the time to read. I should feel blessed that I feel much brighter now and the sicky phase has thankfully passed. I know that it is not the case for every one and especially a lovely blogger friend of mine, Not Yet a Yummy Mummy, who is due any day and has endured relentless nausea throughout her pregnancy. I am looking forward to hearing the news very soon.