How to Move House With Minimal Fuss

Moving house. Just those two words can fill you with dread – and it’s no wonder. Research has shown that moving house is one of the most traumatic experiences most people face, after death and divorce. It’s completely understandable; you’re packing up your whole life, having to deal with multiple issues all at once… and don’t even think about having to do all this with kids in tow. However, there are some simple steps you can take to make the experience just that little bit easier for yourself. Just follow the suggestions below, and you can help make your moving experience as stress-free as possible, leaving you to enjoy the important things – your family, and your exciting new home!

Plan and Pack ahead

It may seem obvious, but many of us are prone to leaving things until the last minute – and this is one time where you definitely don’t want to do that! Order some storage boxes well in advance of your moving date, and start packing up slowly and leisurely. You can start with items you don’t often use; anything lying in your attic, or the fancy kitchen equipment you only use for parties, or the toys your kids haven’t played with for years. Stacking the boxes neatly in a corner will help you feel like you’re getting organised, and making good headway well in advance.

Tidying Up

Look at this time as an opportunity; you can use it as a chance to purge your life and your home of all that unnecessary junk that has been weighing you down. It’s time to get ruthless here – anything you throw away will ultimately make your move lighter and easier, so you have a brilliant motivation to throw away that stack of workbooks from when you were in seventh grade, or that broken microwave you kept ‘just in case’. 

Use Storage

Often, the move-in date for your new house and the move-out date for your old house will be relatively close together. This may help financially, but will do nothing for your stress levels when it comes to getting everything moved over! It’s worth looking at Easy Access Self Storage here; you can take boxes out of your old house and keep them safe until you’re ready to bring them across. Spreading out the process of moving into smaller, easier chunks can stop it feeling overwhelming, and self storage in London can be a fantastic way to help this happen.

Forward Your Mail

Again, it may seem obvious, but remembering to forward your mail can be difficult in all the hustle and bustle of moving. However, it’s worth making a conscious effort to do it – and do it early – otherwise you’ll find yourself with even more stress a few weeks down the line, with missed bills, letters and even cheques going to your old house. Save yourself from this problem before it happens!

Make Time for Yourself

Whilst moving house, it is so easy to let it take over your life. However, the best way to keep the experience in perspective is to make sure you are still leaving time for yourself.  You can download a meditation app to help encourage yourself to take a moment of time-out each day, or make sure you’re keeping up with soothing exercises such as yoga or swimming. This will improve your mental health, keep yourself physically fit, and give you something else to think about that will keep moving house from.

Nb. Collaborative post.