5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the most underappreciated room in the whole house. It never seems to get the attention and investment you might place on your kitchen or lounge.

But a great bathroom can add a lot of value to your home, as well as bringing you a little joy in the morning, or during evening bath times! So it’s worth spending some time making your bathroom gorgeous. 

But where do you start? If you’re looking for some ideas on how to upgrade your bathroom, check out the list below for some pointers. 

First Things First 

Before getting started on bigger home improvements, it’s important to address core issues such as damp, mould, and structural integrity in the room you’re about to work on. 

Lots of older bathrooms are not ventilated properly, which means that the steam from your morning shower can’t escape, and the room can become damp and cold. This may progress to unsightly mould which ruins grouting and paintwork.

If this is the case in your bathroom, look into ventilation (and other damp and mould solutions), before moving forward with the fun stuff.   

A Lovely Shower

The shower in your main bathroom is probably used at least once a day. It should be a warm, comfortable, relaxing little corner of your world that you look forward to visiting. 

If your bathroom doesn’t already have a shower, it’s definitely worth considering an installation, as this will add considerable value to your bathroom

If you have a shower but it’s not bringing you much joy, you can invest in smaller upgrades like a new shower head, new shower seal, a stylish new shower curtain, or invest in a pump to improve the water pressure. 

Beautiful Basins 

Aside from the shower, the wash basin is probably the biggest feature in your bathroom. More often than not we stick with the classic white, functional basics that came with the house, and can let it get a bit tatty. 

But there are loads of great alternative options which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, turning this big feature into a statement piece to impress your guests and potential buyers alike. 

Fab Flooring

When you think bathroom, most of us think: hygiene. And there’s nothing more off-putting than going into a bathroom with a horrible old carpet, damp lino, or mouldy floorboards. 

New, waterproof floorboards, underfloor heating, or even some new bath matts, can make a huge improvement to your bathroom’s overall appearance. And if you want to add some real colour and texture, patterned floor tiles will catch the eye without breaking the bank.  

Luscious Lighting 

Lighting is important in every room. But the bathroom is somewhere you want to relax, get ready for the day, and feel comfortable, so the lighting has got to be right. 

Try upgrading to something a bit more stylish than the classic overhead lights, by installing some wall lights, and using mirrors to reflect their warmth naturally around the room. 

And there we have it! We all spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom. But it’s also one room that can add some real value to your home if dressed to impress potential buyers. So use these tips for some ideas and help turn your bathroom into your favourite spot.   

Nb. Collaborative post.