What Hannah Did Next


Wrapping up for winter with JD Williams

I may have mentioned it before, but I do rather love a new coat. I'd have a couple every winter if I could, one that's really practical (for wet and windy school runs) and one that is a little bit more dressy. I treated myself to a teddy coat this year but I also wanted

Wearing my favourite blue with Cari’s Closet

I've always loved wearing blue and in particular this striking shade of blue (or purple if you're my husband). We all have a colour that makes us feel good and brings out our best features and this colour always catches my eye when I'm looking for new outfits. This plunge dress from Cari's Closet is

Autumn shoot in the woods

The colours that Autumn brings just makes it the loveliest time of the year for taking photos. These woods are really local to us and it's somewhere that we love to take the children and to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, we took some photos of everyone while we were up

A shoot by the riverside

Last week we took a trip out to one of our favourite spots by the river. Even though it was a dismal day, it was nice to be able to enjoy the surroundings without it being full of people going for walks like it is at the weekends. So armed with the baby carrier and

Daddy Does Digital #1

Photography and editing - Part 1 After my last guest post, some of you will now have a better understanding of what I am about and a little more about the man behind Hannah. You may also have noticed an image I included from a recent shoot I did with Hannah in our home. I

My handbag wishlist

I love handbags and always have. My obsession with handbags is probably similar to most women who love shoes. Ok they probably rather like handbags too but I just don't get the whole shoe thing. I have some lovely shoes, don't get me wrong, but I just don't get terribly excited when it comes to